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A tutorial on a productivity tool IFTTT, a step by step guide on how to exactly use the IFTTT work towards your favor. So you can focus more on important things in your life like family.


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How to Use IFTTTRowena Caro20151What is IFTTT?

IFTTT gives you creative control over the products and apps you love.

2weng.caro@gmail.comIFTTTis a web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", 3weng.caro@gmail.comwhich are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist.

4weng.caro@gmail.comWhat Are Channels?5weng.caro@gmail.comA Channel is nothing more than a fancy word for a service.

There are nearly 70 different channels that you can use for creating recipes6weng.caro@gmail.com

7weng.caro@gmail.comWhat are Recipes?8weng.caro@gmail.comRecipes are simple connections between products and apps. 9weng.caro@gmail.comBasically they are the combination of 2 channels, using a Trigger and an Action. 10weng.caro@gmail.comWhen something happens on one channel, it triggers an action.11weng.caro@gmail.comThere are two types of Recipes: Do Recipes and IF Recipes.

12weng.caro@gmail.comHere are some typical examples of something you can have IFTTT set up to do: 13weng.caro@gmail.comText you the weather at the beginning of each day.

14weng.caro@gmail.comTweet my Facebook status updates

15weng.caro@gmail.comHow do you create this recipes?16weng.caro@gmail.comType on your browser, type: www.ifttt.com


This will appear18weng.caro@gmail.com

Click Sign up19weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear20weng.caro@gmail.com

Enter your details 21weng.caro@gmail.com

Click Create account22weng.caro@gmail.com

IFTTT Dashboard will appear23weng.caro@gmail.comClick Create a Recipe

24weng.caro@gmail.comExample we create a recipe:

Text you the weather at the beginning of each day.25weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear26weng.caro@gmail.com

Click this27weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear28weng.caro@gmail.com

Click Date & Time29weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear30weng.caro@gmail.com

Choose the First Trigger, Click Every day at31weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear32weng.caro@gmail.com

Choose the time you want the trigger to happen33weng.caro@gmail.comClick the drop down menu and select the time you want

34weng.caro@gmail.comExample you want the trigger to happen every 6:00 am


Click Create Trigger36weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear37weng.caro@gmail.com

Click that38weng.caro@gmail.com

Action Channels will appear39weng.caro@gmail.comScroll down the Channels and Click SMS


This will appear41weng.caro@gmail.comSince the instruction says You only have one thing to do,

42weng.caro@gmail.comClick Connect


This will appear44weng.caro@gmail.com

Enter your mobile number 45weng.caro@gmail.com

For non US residents make sure you have 00 plus the country code46weng.caro@gmail.com

After entering your mobile number, Click Send PIN47weng.caro@gmail.comA PIN was sent to your mobile number48weng.caro@gmail.com

Enter the PIN49weng.caro@gmail.com

After Entering PIN, Click Connect50weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear51weng.caro@gmail.com

Click Done52weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear53weng.caro@gmail.com

Click Continue to the next step54weng.caro@gmail.com

This will appear55weng.caro@gmail.comClick Send me an SMS


This will appear57Click Create Action


Your Recipe is almost done59

Click Create Recipe60

Your recipe is now added to your dashboard61You still want another example on creating a recipe?62Lets create a recipe that will Tweet my Facebook status updatesThe result: Your tweets are also posted as Facebook status updates.63

Click Create a Recipe64

Click this65

Channels will appear, Select Twitter66

A set of Twitter Triggers will appear67Select the first one


This will appear, aside from new tweets by you, you can also include retweets and @replies69

For this example lets just use, new tweet by you, Click Create Trigger70

Then click that71

Another set of Channel will appear, Click Facebook72

Click Connect73

This will appear, Click Okay74

Click Okay75

If you have facebook pages, You can choose IFTTT to manage it or not, for now Click Not for Now76

This will appear, Click Done77

Click Continue to the next step78

Choose your preferred action, Click the first one. 79

Click on the Text box to create a Status message, then type the message you want.80

Click Create Action81

Almost done with the 2nd recipe, Click Create Recipe82

New recipe added to the dashboard83You can also use a Pre-Made RecipesYou can browse other peoples recipes and even sort them out by popularity, date and hotness (popularity)!84Using pre-made recipes is even easier than creating your own.85Click Browse


Featured recipes will appear87

Choose the recipe that is useful for you, and click on it.88This will appear;

Click Connect


This will appear90

Scroll down, then Click Accept 91

Then Click Done92

This will appear93

At the lower end, Click Add Recipe94

This will appear; Click Done95

Three Recipes are now on your dashboard96IFTTT is an amazing tool that you can use for an amazing amount of practical and even fun uses.97Now its your turn to create a recipe of your own to automate your life.98Have fun creating IFTTT recipes99100Make Your Life Even More Productive