If you have had your dog for any dogs for disabled adults in israel

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http://israelguidedog.org/About-UsJ/ The Israel Guide Dog Center began operations with just one objective, to help blind people in Israel to achieve independence and mobility through the use of guide dogs


  • 1. If you have had your dog for any time at all, you are no doubt well aware of this fact. It is the continuing domestication of dogs that makes them more and more adaptable to living the family lifestyle with each passing generation of dog. Dogs for disabled adults in Israel this interconnecting of dog culture and human culture is very strong. It doesn't matter what kind of dog you have or whether it's primarily a companion or a working dog relationship, your dog is a friend that will stick with you for life. One of the reasons for their amazing ability to bond with humans is because wolves, ancestors to all dog breeds found today, have similar social systems to those in the human world. Just like your family has to work together as a group, so does the wolf pack? And, just like in your family, there may be disagreements within the group, but they are always united and come together when it matters. They survive with the lead of an adult male who is dominant over all others in the pack. If the leader oversteps his boundaries, or for one reason or another is no longer present, then a strong and competent female will step in. Dogs are hard-wired to live in a social grouping. This makes them ideal as companions. Additionally, dogs instinctively want to please the pack leader. In a family setting, that is you. Israel Guide Dog Center offers an array of dog services like Mitzvah Project for Service Companion dogs for IDF soldiers with PTSD and disabled adults in Israel.

2. Dogs who don't qualify as guide dogs - those screened out either before or durispecial needs dog with blind childng guide dog training - are excellently- trained dogs capable of serving vulnerable people. So we provide them as Service Companions to disabled children and adults. Approximately one-third of the dogs we breed and raise each year go to meet this otherwise unmet and growing need in Israel. We are the ONLY non-profit organization in Israel providing service companions to blind or autistic children, and adults with various Service companion dog disabilities, including epilepsy, ADD, brain damage, deafness, paralysis - and soldiers with PTSD. During 2013, in just our second year, we placed twenty-one service companions with people who have special needs; eight of the dogs went to children with autism. We estimate that there are tens of tspecial needs dog with adult in wheelchairhousands of children and adults in Israel with a wide range of disabilities who could benefit greatly by having a highly trained Service Companion-bred, raised, and prepared to be loving and responsive to their needs. We work with various agencies to locate these potential clients. Developed as a natural offshoot of our core program, our Service Companion program enables us to provide nearly all our dogs to people in need-and ensures every one of them receives a good, loving home. The cost of training a Service Companion is approximately $18,000. 3. This exciting new program is perfect for Mitzvah Projects and classroom Tzedakah Projects. Websitehttp://www.israelguidedog.org