If You Are Not Tracking Your Pay Per Click Campaign, You Are Not In The Game!

Download If You Are Not Tracking Your Pay Per Click Campaign, You Are Not In The Game!

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  • 1. If You Are Not TrackingYou Are Not In The Game!


  • A smart marketer makes
  • data driven decisions .
  • Not so much of decisions based on others peoples opinion or what he hears.


  • But one based on cold hard statistics gathered from his
  • prospects and customers actions .
  • For example, if you are a pay per click marketer, you will want to know which of your keywords, ads and landing pagesconverts the best .


  • This is vital because you dont want to beshooting in the dark .
  • Because that can mean 2 things you take longer to get profitableand you spend a lot more advertising that you should be.


  • All because you dont know what is working.
  • Fortunately, there are a lot of good tracking softwares out there.
  • And among the bestand a free one at that is prosper202 .


  • Its powerful. It gives in depth statistics. Tracks Your Ads, Keywords, Campaign.
  • ExcellentPPC Trackingsoftware.
  • It does what I just described and a lot more
  • Here are some screenshots:

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  • It Can Even Track Traffic Coming From Other Traffic Sources Such AsArticles, Emails, Craiglist,
  • Ezine AdsEtc.
  • You Can Get The
  • Prosper202 Software
  • AtProsper202.com

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