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If Nathan Were HereMary BahrIn "If Nathan Were Here", author Mary Bahr gently explores the grief of a young boy whose best friend has died. With the help of an understanding teacher, a kind neighbor, and an empathetic parent, the boy finds ways to give expression to his questions and sorrow and to reach out to someone else who needs him. Mary Bahr's evocative text conveys a child's grief with honesty and sensitivity, while Karen Jerome's soft watercolors poignantly capture the tender nature of children's friendships.***Amazon.comDeathThis book could be used for students who are struggling with a loss of a friend and provide them with activities they can do to cope with their loss.Well Paint the Octopus RedStephanie Stuve-BodeenAs six-year-old Emma anticipates the birth of her new baby brother or sister, she vividly imagines all of the things they can do together. Emma feels ready to be a big sister! Then when the baby is born, her dad tells her that it's a boy and he has something called Down syndrome. Finally she asks, "If Isaac has this Down thing, then what can't he do?". Her dad thinks about it, then tells her that as long as they are patient with him, and help him when he needs it, there probably isn't anything Isaac can't do. In this touching story, Emma helps her father as much as he helps her to realize that Isaac is the baby they dreamed of. The book concludes with a set of commonly asked questions about Down syndrome with answers for children and how it might affect their sibling and family. ***Amazon.comChildren with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

This book could be used for students who have a younger sibling that has Downs Syndrome or other disabilities to provide them with ideas of how to help their siblings.

Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up With a Brother or Sister With Special Needs Donald J. MeyerIn Views From Our Shoes, 45 siblings share their experiences as the brother or sister of someone with a disability. The children whose essays are featured here range from four to eighteen and are the siblings of youngsters with a variety of special needs, including autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADD, hydrocephalus, visual and hearing impairments, Down and Tourette syndromes. Their personal tales introduce young siblings to others like them, perhaps for the first time, and allow them to compare experiences. A glossary of disabilities provides easy-to-understand definitions of many of the conditions mentioned. ***Amazon.com

This book could serve as a resource for students who feel they are the only ones that have a sibling with special needs and allow them to read about the experiences of other siblings.Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

Ben, King of the RiverDavid GifaldiChad can't wait for the camping trip. He just hopes his brother, Ben, won't ruin it. Ben was born with a developmental disability, and though he's five, he doesn't always act it. Ben doesn't like new things, and sometimes his behavior is embarrassing. Chad loves Ben, but life with him can be frustrating. The camping trip is great, and Ben especially loves being in the water. He splashes and plays and holds his hands high, like he's King of the River. But Chad sees some boys who make fun of Ben. The brothers encounter the same boys later and Chad expects the worst. But when he introduces Ben, something surprisingand wonderfultakes place.***Amazon.comThis book can help siblings of children with special needs realize the importance of their bond with their sibling and inform other students that making fun of children with special needs is wrong.

Children with Siblingsthat have Special NeedsMy Brother, MatthewMary ThompasonA book especially for siblings. My Brother, Matthew is narrated by a young boy who describes the ups and downs of day-to-day life as he and his family adjust to his new brother, Matthew, who is born with a disability. David, the older siblings, wryly shares his experiences -- the worry, impatience, feeling left out, being talked down to my grownups -- and the positive ways in which he has built a unique relationship with his brother. Fully illustrated and sensitively written.***Amazon.comThis is a story that can help other siblings share their feelings and reassure them that their role in the family is very important.Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

My Brother, CharlieHolly Robinson and Ryan Elizabeth PeeteFrom bestselling author and actress Holly Robinson Peete--a heartwarming story about a boy who happens to be autistic, based on Holly's son, who has autism."Charlie has autism. His brain works in a special way. It's harder for him to make friends. Or show his true feelings. Or stay safe." But as his big sister tells us, for everything that Charlie can't do well, there are plenty more things that he's good at. He knows the names of all the American presidents. He knows stuff about airplanes. And he can even play the piano better than anyone he knows.Actress and national autism spokesperson Holly Robinson Peete collaborates with her daughter on this book based on Holly's 10-year-old son, who has autism.***Amazon.comThis story can help others realize what autism is and the strengths and weaknesses that come along with it.

Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

In Jessies ShoesBeverly LewisWhat parent hasn't urged her son or daughter not to stare or tease a child who is "different" or disabled in some way?As Jesse's sister struggle to understand her brother--and to deal with the kids who make fun of him--families everywhere will benefit from this sensitive yet realistic story about learning to understand and befriend a child with special needs.***Amazon.comThis story could provide support to children who witness their sibling with special needs be teased and teach other children how to make friends with children with special needs.All About My BrotherSarah PeraltaThis is an invaluable contribution to helping typically developing children understand that a child with autism is a child first, and is someone interesting to know. Sarah gives insight into the sibling relationship in a way only a child can do it. Through her simple depictions of her brother Evans everyday behavior, Sarah encourages others to approach autism without fear or pity. The effects of her book will live long beyond the last pages, as Sarah invites her young readers to share ideas for how to live with siblings or classmates who have autism spectrum disorders. The book is heart-warming and introspective and the writing style makes it appropriate for children and adults alike.***Amazon.comThis story can be used to help all children understand autism (whether a sibling or classmate) in a child-friendly manner.

Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

Brotherly FeelingsSam FrenderIt isn't easy being eight years old and having an older brother who other children often misunderstand. They don't realize that when he doesn't laugh at their jokes it's because he doesn't understand them. They don't know that when he doesn't speak to them or look at them it's because he doesn't know what to say or how to make eye contact. They don't realize that he behaves this way because he has something called Asperger's Syndrome. Sam knows that his brother Eric is different from him because his brain works differently. So, when the other children bully Eric, it makes Sam feel protective of him. But sometimes, when Eric behaves oddly, Sam feels embarrassed too. Sometimes, when Eric gets lots of attention, it makes Sam feel resentful - then, when he considers that Eric needs a lot of help and attention, it makes Sam feel guilty for feeling resentful. There are so many different feelings Sam experiences! "Brotherly Feelings" explores the emotions that siblings of children with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) commonly experience. ***Amazon.comThis book will help siblings understand that their emotional responses are natural. This story can be used by teachers and parents to use with siblings to discuss their emotional experiences and will also help children with AS to understand the feelings of other family members.Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

My Brother Doesn't Want to Play: Autism From a Siblings PerspectiveTisha Campbell MartinA heartwarming story about a mother who teaches love, patience and understanding to her youngest child whose older sibling is autistic. The story is based on Tisha's son who was diagnosed with autism at 18 months. Do you love him more than me?! He needs my extra time for sure It doesnt mean I love you any less or that I love him more. From the Author, this book is an offering to ALL children, not only those who may have a family member who has autism but also for those who may know of or meet a peer with autism. "My Brother Doesn't Want To Play," is a book, I hope, will make it easier for adults to help typical children look past what they see and find a deeper understanding and tolerance for people who are different.***Amazon.comThis book can help children develop a tolerance for their peers and siblings who have special needs and those who are different.

Children with Siblingsthat have Special Needs

Tru ConfessionsJanet TashijanWish #1: To have my own television show.Wish #2: For Eddie to be un-handicapped. (Eddie is my twin Brother.)Wish #3: I dont really want anything else this year (except maybe to go out with Billy Meier).Do wishes really come true? When Trudy Walker sees the ad from the local cable station, she truly believes they do. The station is looking to air demo tapes of shows created by and for teens. This could be Trus big Break! But lately Tru is distracted by Wish #2. She spends hours researching cures for Eddie online and filming his daily ro