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A talk on the ideation process given at HackU 2013 in IIT-KGP


  • 1. Ideation 101Sourav BasuTech Lead, Yahoo!

2. Whats an Idea? 3. An Idea 4. Bright Idea 5. Green Idea 6. Business Idea 7. Broken Idea 8. Small Idea 9. Big Idea 10. Many Ideas 11. No idea 12. An idea is a thought or a concept,which proposes a course of actionto achieve a desired goal 13. Idea Generation 14. Random Throw? 15. Diverge/Zoom Out First! 16. Converge/Zoom In Next! 17. Brainstorming 18. Brainstorming - Solo1. Exhaust all options2. Sketch or Draw3. Avoid Disruptions4. Keep a journal5. Do what works for you 19. Brainstorming - Group1. Set a time limit2. Keep groups small3. Stay on track4. Give everyone a chance5. Dont criticize 20. STOP Lets get to a solution 21. Convergence BusinessUserGoalsConsideration Problem ConstraintsDefinitionHack 22. Idea Visualization 23. Workflow Diagrams 24. Wireframes 25. Paper Mockups 26. Storyboards 27. Recapitulation Conduct a quick brainstorm by yourself or in agroup Define a problem statement Identify constraints, target users, businessgoals Visualize and capture ideas by usingwireframes, mockups, storyboards 28. Some problem challenges from our side 29. Thank You!&happy hacking