Ideas for using realia in the language classroom

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how to select and use realia in the language learning class room is discussed and illustrated in this visual presentation primarily for teachers and foreign language students. EFL, ESL and language teachers can spice up their classes a bit and improve learner motivation and participation in language classes.


  • 1. Ideas for Using Realia inthe Language ClassroomBy Prof. Larry M.

2. *The TYPE of Lesson*The General and Specific*OBJECTIVES of the lesson*How REALIA will be used*Age and development level of the learners 3. You can use tossableobjects for turn-taking orrandom selection by tossingthem from one student toanother in a circle, row or line. 4. No? Then get one 5. like being used in dialogues andconversations.Place them on a table, desk orchairto demonstrateprepositions of position. 6. the kind yourdoggie plays withor that kids likeusing in the bath?They make noise which is whatyou want itfor, right? 7. Clock Timer 8. A Clock 9. A working (or fabricated)clock is a great aid forteaching numbers and how to tell the time. 10. Small mirrors are anabsolutely greatpronunciation aidfor learners whocan watch themovement andinteraction of theirlips, teeth andtongue whenspeaking or Hand pronouncing.Mirrors 11. Besides the everuseful sockpuppet, socksmake handycontainers fromwhich to draw asmallobjects, slips ofpaper, andnumbered orletteredtiles, amongother options. 12. 64 words can be formed using theFour-Square shown.How many can you find?(Send me an email and Ill send you the list) 13. Types of Realia to AVOID(or at least be wary of ) 14. Realia to Be Wary of Glass or fragile Liquid or gum-filledbreakables Sharp-edged Chemically-treated Sharp pointed Flammable Toxic materials Swallowable small partsWhen in doubt leave it OUT! 15. Tossable objects Flashlight Playing cards Handmirror Whistle, flute or bell Socks Stuffed toy animals Wooden blocks Dice Marbles Squeaky toys Flash cards Commercial Games Pop songs CD Timers Sound effects CD Clock 16. Objects which are: Easily swallowed Sharp-edged Toxic Liquid or gum-filled Fragile Breakable Flammable Chemically-treated 17. Hope this has helped! 18. Ideas for Using Realia in the Language ClassroomThank You By Prof. Larry M. Lynchproflmlynch@gmail.com