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  • Government of South Australia

    ICT in South Australia

    Developed in association with

  • South Australia.The place where people and business thrive.

    Economic priority3

    Economic priority2

    Economic priority4

    Economic priority5

    Economic priority1

    Economic priority8

    Economic priority7

    Economic priority9

    Economic priority10

    Economic priority6Unlocking the full potential of South Australias resources, energy and renewable assets

    Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world

    A globally recognised leader in health research, ageing and related services and products

    The Knowledge State attracting a diverse student body and commercialising our research

    South Australia a growing destination choice for international and domestic travellers

    Growth through innovation

    South Australia the best place to do business

    Adelaide, the heart of the vibrant state

    Promoting South Australias international connections and engagement

    South Australias small business have access to capital and global markets

  • ICT will play a key role in the future of South Australia and is directly linked to South Australias 10 Economic Priorities

  • The State of South Australia is a key location for sustainable business and has many advantages over other Australian cities

    Competitive business location costs

    Labour Costs South Australian full time labour costs are 6 per cent below the Australian average and below all mainland capital cities.

    Property Prices Adelaides residential, commercial and industrial property prices are amongst the lowest of Australias mainland capital cities.


    Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia has been voted the fifth most liveable city in the world making it an ideal location for attracting a sustainable workforce.

    South Australia is also located at the centre of Australias air, road and rail networks with Adelaide Airport named Australia's fastest growing airport for international services.

    The South Australian time zone (Greenwich Mean Time +9.30 hours, or +10.30 during Daylight Savings time) is within two hours of major Asia Pacific centres.

    A Government open for business

    The South Australian Government is pro investment, supporting business including:

    Direct access to key government decision-makers.

    A Coordinator-General has recently been appointed to help stimulate private sector investment for projects with a construction value in excess of $3 million. A Case Manager is appointed for each project to help streamline and support the approvals processes.

    An ambitious and successful red tape reduction program.

    Source: ABS 6302, EIU: A Summary of Liveability Ranking and Overview August 2014




















    Source: June 2013, NATSEM, ABS.

    Australian capital city cost of living comparison







    $72,398 $72,266

    4 Government of South Australia ICT in South Australia

  • ICT in South Australia

    South Australias ICT industry is worth billions and experiencing sustained growth.

    Closely linked to South Australias expertise in defence, manufacturing, research and education, minerals and energy and health, the states 1,100 ICT businesses provide global companies with innovative products and services in a wide range of specialist areas.

    KPMGs Competitive Alternatives 2014 found Adelaide to be Australias most cost-competitive city for digital services (software development, video game production) and corporate services (shared services centres, international financial services).

    The Hays 2014 Salary Guide indicates South Australia as having the lowest cost wage expense across the Australian capital cities for numerous contact centre and IT jobs.

    Source: KPMG: Competitive Alternatives 2014, Hays: 2014 Salary Guide, Australian Computer Society: Australian ICT Statistical Compendium 2013.


    Digital Opportunities

    ICT businesses

    total workforce


    KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2014: Cost Comparison Index








    Sydney Brisbane Melbourne

    Digital Services Corporate Services

    Digital disruption is about a fast transformation of our existing way of life due to the advancement of digital technologies. It is a threat to old ways of doing things but an also opportunity for innovation; a better way of doing all things, including to work, play, shop, and entertain.

    A recent report by Deloitte and the South Australian Government Office of the Chief Information Officer provides useful recommendations to small and medium businesses

    (SMES) in order to deal with and take advantage of the digital disruption, and get ahead of the curve by harnessing new digital innovation.

    The report outlines the significant opportunity for ICT businesses to collaborate with the growing start up community, innovative SMEs and specialised ICT corporates based in South Australia to respond to the upcoming challenges.

    total ICT workers

  • South Australian ICT Strategy

    South Australia Connected

    The South Australian Government has recently released its ICT strategy South Australia Connected.

    The purpose of South Australia Connected is to set a strategic direction for the use of ICT services within the South Australian Government. The strategy is characterised by a number of high-level From To statements, indicating where we want to go. Through the alignment of our decisions and activities the government will move towards its goal of making South Australia connected and ready for the future.

    6 Government of South Australia ICT in South Australia

    Our goal is to better connect the people of South Australia with the things they want and need, when and where they need them.

  • 4 South Australia Connected

    From To

    Serving People

    An external lens

    This is our purpose; it is What we do. This perspective focuses on services to citizens.

    Some services online Digital by defaultSome engagement Collaborative democracy

    Multiple service channels Integrated customer service

    Treating everyone the same Serving diversity

    Securing Resilience

    A security lens

    We live in a changing world; we are Preparing for the unpredictable, but inevitable. This underpins everything we do.

    Robust infrastructure Resilient communities

    Basic security awareness We all apply security, all the time

    Protecting the perimeter Protecting information

    Security as an added job Professionalising security

    Improving Delivery

    A productivity lens

    This provides a lens on our productivity and project execution; this is about Getting more out of what weve got.

    Some big ICT projects Big plans, small projectsRobust ICT governance Integrated governanceBuying hardware and software Buying servicesDiffuse accountability Clear accountabilityPockets of excellence Professionalised workforce in ICT

    Working Together

    A sharing and collaboration lens

    Common problems, shared solutions. Collaboration and sharing makes us better at what we do.

    Barriers to collaboration Seamless governmentAgencies going it alone Agency partnerships

    Common problems Sharing solutions

    Working within government Working with our partners

    Innovating Now

    An opportunity lens

    We have a sense of urgency, and we know that if we manage the risks Embracing opportunities is rewarded.

    Risk aversion Embracing opportunities

    Largescale solutions Incremental improvementsTechnology for its own sake Technology for service benefits

    Good deeds done in secret Early and open engagementOpen Data O

    pen Data Open Data







    n Data An enabling lens

    Opening up governmentheld data assists us to make progress in each of the other perspectives. Enabling us to make better connections in order to create shared value.

    Ownership Custodianship

    Data silos Shared value

    Reactive data supply Proactive data streams

    The strategic directionThese are directional statements. They show, in overview, the strategic direction for the Government of South Australia.

    These statements have been designed to encapsulate the direction that government will go, simply and succinctly. Each From To statement has been provided to show what will change by articulating a shift in focus, or the move to an improved level of maturity.

    For example, when we say that we are moving from Robust ICT governance to Integrated governance, we do not mean that our ICT governance will no longer be robust, we simply mean that we are making a deliberate choice to move beyond this level of maturity, to improve our governance arrangements.

    These statements are designed to be brief and highlevel. The detail required for agencies to align with these statements will be provided in the other parts of the strategy, available from www.sa.gov.au/saconnected.


    2 South Australia Connected

    Government is in the connections business. Everything we do ultimately comes down to better connecting the people of South Australia with the things they want and need, when and where they need them. Whether we are connecting a pensioner with a conce