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    Editor In ChiefAaron Williams

    Managing Editor Ty Brown

    Copy EditorMiriam Hannon

    Editorial AssistantTaryn Bushrod

    JournalistEboyne Jackson

    London PriceBrittany JohnsonMagaly Fuentes

    Tony EngelhartTonya CallihanMelanie Staton

    Megan Burnbridge

    Art DirectorsAaron Williams

    Ty Brown

    Contributing PhotographersRodney Young

    AW Creative GroupFashion Icons

    Imax Tree

    Hair and MakeupMelanie Jones (Makeup)

    Bethany Townes (Makeup)Kahlil Oliver (hair)

    Sirerra Conney (hair)

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  • Iconography is published by Think Grey Media Group 4 times yearly. No part of this publication may be produced without written permission of

    the publisher and editors. Iconography does not accept responsibility for unsolicited material. All views expressed are those of the writers alone and do

    not represent the views of Iconography and its owners.

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    ARTSCAPE presents

    Think you have what it takes to be the next top designer? Then the Sew Me What You Got Competition, supported by IKEA Baltimore, is looking for you! A new Fashion at Artscape programming component, this competition is seeking skilled and creative fashion designers that have what it takes to create a stylish garment and receive great exposure. The winning designer will receive a $1000 cash prize and a photo spread in Iconography the Magazine. The application deadline is Monday, May 4, 2009 and can be completed online at www.artscape.org. The Sew Me What You Got Competition, a part of Artscape 2009, is supported by IKEA Baltimore and Fashion Icons, presented by Mayor Sheila Dixon and produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.

    Contestants, 18 years and older, must design one garment using fabric purchased at IKEA Baltimore, located at 8352 Honeygo Boulevard. Fifteen semifinalists will have their work displayed at IKEA Baltimore from Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, May 29. A showcase will also be held via live models throughout the IKEA Baltimore store on Saturday, May 30 from 1 2pm. Customers may vote for their favorite designers garment in-store and online at www.artscape.org, www.fashioniconsonline.com, or on Artscapes Myspace and Facebook sites. The winner will be announced at Artscape Sunday July, 19 at 7:30pm after a final competition where five semifinalists will showcase their garments.

    Fashion at Artscape returns this year with exciting local and regional fashion shows at the University of Baltimore campus, Gordon Plaza located at Mt. Royal and Maryland avenues. Guests can purchase one-of-a-kind designs and observe the creativity of designers during weekend-long runway shows. Artscape, Americas largest, free arts festival takes place Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18, noon to 10pm and Sunday, July 19, noon to 8pm.

    For more information about the Sew Me What You Got Competition, call 410-752-8632 or visit www.artscape.org.



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  • Keisha-Nash Whitaker lives her life with bold mysticm, beauty and charm--qualities so powerful cannot be dispensed without living the life of a true glamazon. Like a chameleon, this wife, mother, and entrepenuer, changes her wardrobe as quickly as a chameleon changes colors, and does so effortlessly. Blessed with an impeccable fashion sense, this influential fashionista chose to influence the world of beauty with the launch of Kissable Couture, her luxury lip-gloss line established alongside celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson. Mrs. Whitaker fearlessly plunged into this ambitious business venture all the while balancing her family lifemother of three, and her marriage to the acclaimed Academy Award winning actor and director, Forest Whitaker. How does a gal juggle multiple business ventures and still keep the love flowing in her home, without resorting to chapped lips, disheveled hair, and scuffed Jimmy Choos? Keisha Nash-Whitaker knows how...In this very exclusive interview, Keisha-Nash Whitaker shares her personal story, and reveals how this Bostonian native morphed from wife to business woman, without the compromise of her integrity, family, and personal life. Born to multi-task and do it well, Mrs. Whitaker takes some time out of her industrious life cunveil her business and personal life, (which in her case, never turns off) because family, always comes first.


    Iconography: Keisha, you are an inspira-tion to women everywhere. You are a testament that women can have it all. You are a wife, a mother, a fashion icon, and a viable entrepreneur. You have created every womans fantasy with the launch of your luxury lip- gloss line, Kissable Cou-ture-- (Lord knows) we are always looking for the perfect lip- gloss! (Laughs) What inspired you to collaborate with celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson, to create Kiss-able Couture?


    Keisha: First off, let me say thank you for all of the lovely compliments! (Laughs) Before AJ and I launched Kissable Cou-ture, we had already been working to-gether professionally for many years. We both always knew that a luxury lip gloss/makeup line was missing, so our inspiration in creating our collection was to fill that void. We wanted to create lip-gloss for all women. Ultimately, we wanted to create a very grown up lip gloss, that was luxu-rious, creamy and soft. We launched our first collection in the fall of 07, which was The First Kiss Collection. This collection featured seven different lip-gloss shades, and each shade was named after a boy that each of my friends and I have kissed, so you know I had to name a shade after my husband, Forest! (Laughs)

    I: Yes, of course! (Laughs) So, is it safe to say that Forest is your favorite lip-gloss from your collection?

    K: Yes, bet you didnt see that one coming! (Laughs) I absolutely love the color; its a beautiful deep, crimson shade. And yes, I love it even more because it is named after my husband!

    I: So tell me, Keisha, what is the inspiration behind the name, Kissable Couture?K: Well, lip-gloss should be kissable, and we wanted our collection to be chic, almost like a beautifully wrapped gift. Being that my background has always

    words by: eboyne jackson

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  • Powerfulwords by: eboyne jackson

    K: Yes, we plan to expand into a complete luxury makeup line. Next fall, we will be merging into eye shadows, (expect lots of creams and shimmer,) and blush.

    I: Not only are you an entrepreneur, you are also a TV personality. I love your new show on TLC, Who Are You Wearing? You always look like you are having fun, and you always look fabulous, by the way. How has it been hosting the show?

    K: Thank you. I love hosting Who Are You Wearing? The show has featured some of the greatest guests and talents from all around the world. Laila Ali, came on the show before the birth of her baby, and made a guest appearance. I think the concept of the show is so brilliantto see would-be designers from all walks of life competing to dress a top celebrity, and have them wear their creation on the red carpet, is amazing to me. Each contestant has a touching story; families put their dreams on hold only to have them resurrected through the show. Its moving, and its what people like to see, (at least for me.) We taped ten episodes, and right now we are waiting to see if the show is geared to come back for another season. I am hopeful, and very positive about it. I have a great feeling about the show, and I am just so honored to be apart of it