icgcim 2017 - İstanbul 2017 conference ... business managers and practitioners will utilize while...

Download ICGCIM 2017 - İstanbul   2017 CONFERENCE ... business managers and practitioners will utilize while reading this book and be inspired ... Semra F. Aşcıgil ODT

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  • ICGCIM 2017



    International Conference on Global Competition

    & Innovation Management

    November 9-11, 2017

    Istanbul University


    Prof. Dr. Halim KAZAN


    Dr. Mehmet BAYKAL

    Dr. Zehra Binnur AVUNDUK

    Smeyra UZUN

    Hosted By

    IU Faculty of Economics

    Department of Business Administration

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    ICGCIM 2017 Conference Proceedings Book

    Copyright 2017

    All rights reserved. Proceedings can be used by giving reference. Scientific and ethical

    responsibilities of the writings belong to the authors and copyright belongs to ICGCIM editor.

    Publisher, editorial staff, executive committee, scientific committee or secretary can not be

    responsible from contents due to plagiarisation, misinformation, abuse or other reasons. The

    authors are responsible for the correctness of the content and resources of the writings.

    Editorial Board

    Editor in Chief

    Prof. Dr. Halim KAZAN


    Dr. Mehmet BAYKAL

    Res. Asst. Dr. Zehra Binnur AVUNDUK

    Res. Asst. Smeyra UZUN

    International Conference on Global Competition and Innovation Management

    ICGCIM 2017 November, 9-11

    Istanbul University, Beyazt Campus, Istanbul, Turkey

    Web site: kry.istanbul.edu.tr

    e-mail: kry@istanbul.edu.tr

    ISBN: 978-605-82848-0-7

    Istanbul, Turkey



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    Innovation is an inevitable means of gaining competitive advantege and provide economic

    development and growth all over the world in this information age. Therefore, management of

    innovation and development of useful strategies are crucial for the industries. This might be possible

    by bringing together the academic world and business community to produce new challenging ideas.

    At this point, International Conferences provide appropriate environment. From here, we have aimed

    to organize International Conference on Global Competition and Innovation Management to

    provide convenient platform for researchers from all over the world and business managers in order

    to discuss new ideas, suggestions and develop new strategies on the theme of innovation and global


    This is the 1st International Conference that organized by the Istanbul University Faculty of

    Economics Department of Business Administration in Istanbul, Turkey. However, this is the

    beginning of us, we achieved a well participation rate from both national and international

    participants. These proceedings book represent the work of academicians and practitioners of

    business world, with participating in the International Conference on Global Competition and

    Innovation Management (ICGCIM) 2017, held on November 9-11 in Beyazt Campus, Istanbul.

    We are thankful to our participants from all over the world for their intense interests. Besides, we are

    grateful to all our sponsors of business world and especially Rectorate of Istanbul University and

    Deanship of Faculty of Economics. Finally, our thanks go to the authors, readers and reviewers of the

    International Conference on Global Competition and Innovation Management (ICGCIM) 2017, who

    have supported us preparing this Proceedings Book. We sincerely hope that academicians, students,

    business managers and practitioners will utilize while reading this book and be inspired by the

    theoretical implications and managerial inferences and multiple perspectives provided by the attentive


    Istanbul, Turkey

    November 2017

    Prof. Dr. Halim KAZAN Chairman of the ICGCIM 2017

    Head the Department of Business Administration

    Faculty of Economics Istanbul University

  • iii


    Owner of the Conference

    Prof. Mahmut Ak, Rector of the Istanbul University


    Prof. Dr. Halis Yunus Ersz Vice Rector of the Istanbul

    University Prof. Dr. Haluk Alkan - Dean of Faculty of Economics


    Prof. Dr. Halim Kazan | Istanbul University

    Vice Chairpersons

    Prof. Dr. Muhittin Kaplan | Istanbul University

    Prof. Dr. Osman Yldrm | Istanbul University

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kutluk Kaan Smer | Istanbul University

    Executive Committee

    Assist.Prof. Dr. Anl Deermen Erenkol

    Assist Prof. Dr. Arif Saldanl

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Bora Yldz

    Res. Asst. Dr. Zehra Binnur Avunduk

    Res. Asst. Serdar Semih Cokun

    Res. Asst. Ebubekir Mollaahmetolu

    Secretariat of Conference and Contact Information

    Dr. Mehmet Baykal

    (Conference Secretary)

    Res. Asst. Dr. Elin imanolu

    (Vice of Conference Secretary)

    Phone: 0212 440 00 00 /11686

    Res. Asst. Smeyra Uzun

    (Vice of Conference Secretary)

    Phone:0212 440 00 00 / 11783

    E-mail: kry@istanbul.edu.tr


  • iv

    International Scientific Committee Members

    Jorge Haddock UMASS, Boston, MA, USA Rfat Grener Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, USA

    Gokhan Karaatl Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, USA

    Mecit Cetin Old Domion University, NORFOLK, VA, USA

    Patrizia Zagnoli Universit Degli Studi FIRENZE, Italy

    Tuncay Bayrak Western New Englan University, Springfield MA, USA

    Wael Khalil Shadid Independent Researcher, DOHA, QATAR

    Ali M. Kutan Southern Illinois University

    Anl Kumar Bera University of Illinois

    Arzu Wasti Sabanc University Anarkl Urdaletova Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University

    Cunus Ganiyev Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University

    Elena Radicchi Universit Degli Studi FIRENZE, Italy

    Helena Nobre University of Aveiro

    Keith A. Wade Gresham College

    Lamik Silesian Silesian Universit Recai M. Ycel University at Albany

    Sel Diboolu University of Missouri-St. Louis

    Seyil Najimudinova Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University

    Sibel Yamak University of Wolverhampton

    Mustafa zbilgin Brunel University London

    Ahmet Cevat Acar Trkiye Bilimler Akademisi

    Ahmet Diken Konya niversitesi

    Ahmet Erglen Konya niversitesi Ali Alagz Seluk niversitesi Asm

    Gnal nce Dokuz Eyll niversitesi

    Asuman Akdoan Erciyes niversitesi

    Atlhan Naktiyok Atatrk niversitesi

    Atilla Eli Aksaray niversitesi

    Aykut Top Yeditepe niversitesi

    Aysel Erci Atatrk niversitesi

    Aye Akyol Trakya niversitesi

    Aye rmi Pamukkale niversitesi

    Aye Oya zelik stanbul niversitesi

    Azim ztrk ukurova niversitesi

    Azmi Yaln ukurova niversitesi Bar Sipahi Marmara niversitesi

    Baak Ataman Gken Marmara niversitesi

    Birdoan Baki Karadeniz Teknik niversitesi

    Birgl Kutlu Bayraktar Boazii niversitesi

    Burak Arzova Marmara niversitesi

    Blent Glolu T

    Canan etin Marmara niversitesi

    Canan Madran Dokuz Eyll niversitesi

    Cavide Uyargil stanbul niversitesi

    Cem Saatiolu stanbul niversitesi

    Cemal Zehir Yldz Teknik niversitesi

    Cevat Tosun Gazi University

  • v

    Ceyhan Aldemir Dokuz Eyll niversitesi

    Cokun Can Aktan Dokuz Eyll niversitesi

    Deniz Br Marmara niversitesi

    Deniz Ta Anadolu niversitesi Doan Argun Marmara niversitesi

    Doan Nadi Leblebici Hacettepe niversitesi

    Durmu Acar Sleyman Demirel niversitesi

    Dursun Bingl Erciyes niversitesi

    Edip rc Balkesir niversitesi

    Enver Aydoan Gazi niversitesi Ercan Gegez Kemerburgaz niversitesi

    Erdal Tekarslan stanbul niversitesi

    Erman Cokun Sakarya niversitesi

    Erol Yarz Marmara niversitesi

    Esen Grbz Nide mer Halisdemir niversitesi

    Esin Can Yldz Teknik niversitesi

    Eyp etin stanbul niversitesi

    Fatih Karcolu Atatrk niversitesi

    Fatih Semerciz stanbul niversitesi

    Fatma Ksk Akdoan T

    Ferda Erdem Akdeniz niversitesi

    Feyzullah Erolu Pamukkale niversitesi

    Filiz Balta Peltekolu Marmara niversitesi

    Fuat Erdal bn Haldun niversitesi

    Fulya Sarvan Akdeniz niversitesi

    Fusun stanbullu Diner stanbul niversitesi

    Ganite Kurt Gazi niversitesi

    Gler slamolu Marmara niversitesi

    Glruh Grbz Marmara niversitesi

    Grbz Gken Marmara niversitesi

    Gven Murat Karadeniz Teknik niversitesi

    Haldun Akpnar Marmara niversitesi

    Halim Kazan stanbul niversitesi

    Halis Yunus Ersz stanbul niversitesi

    Hasan Krat Gle Seluk niversitesi

    Hasan Vergil stanbul niversitesi

    Himmet Karadal Aksaray niversitesi

    Il Pekdemir stanbul niversitesi

    brahim Anl Marmara niversitesi

    brahim Pnar stanbul niversitesi

    hsan Ersan stanbul niversitesi

    lker Cenan Bakc Yeditepe niversitesi

    lker Hseyin ark Sleyman Demirel niversitesi

    nci Erdem Artan Marmara niversitesi

    smail Bakan Kahramanmara St mam niversitesi

    smail Hakk Armutlulu Marmara niversitesi

    smail Hakk Bier T

    zzet Bozkurt skdar niversitesi

    Jale Oran Marmara niversitesi

    Jlide Kesken Ege niversitesi

  • vi

    Kadir Ard Sakarya niversitesi

    Kadir Grdal Ankara niversitesi

    Kemal Birdir Mersin niversitesi

    Lale Tzner stanbul niversitesi

    Ltfhak Alpkan T

    Mahmut Paksoy