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Tours and activities in Iceland, including glacier climbing, hiking, skiing and more. Outdoor activities in Iceland operated by Iceland Mountain Guides, operating great tours for over 15 years!


  • Sales Manual 2010
  • Dear fellow travellers For all of us at Icelandic Mountain Guides, nature comes rst. Decades of personal experience, of playing with the elements, have left us comfortable and committed to the environment and the possibilities for a fun day outside. Whether we are exploring the icescapes of glaciers, crossing the impressive highlands, trekking in the extraordinary rhyolite massifs or enjoying a hike in the valleys our aim is to Make Every Moment an Experience Quality Icelandic Mountain Guides have been operating since 1994. In January 2008 we merged with our fellow company Iceland Rovers (partly owned by the same pioneer people as IMG) and the Icelandic Travel Market (Tourist Information Center in the heart of Reykjavk). The goal, to serve you, our customer, even better than before and to bring our professionalism to yet another level. We are working harder than ever on the quality of our tours and continuously improving the skill and training of our guides to assure that all our clients have a safe and pleasant journey whatever the activity is and whatever the level is, easy to very difcult. Professionalism We pride ourselves in having a highly qualied team of both guides and travel organizers. Most of our guides come from the mountain rescue background and all are passionate nature lovers and travellers. Our guides have a record that includes an incredible number of expeditions and impressive journeys, should it be of high altitude summits or long winter tours in the high Arctic. Many have taken the tourist guide and hiking/trekking guide (Mountain Leader Awards) of the Icelandic tour guide school. For all glacier activity we have now introduced the New Zealand glacier guide standard and we already pride ourselves of 3 Alpine Trekking Guides, 8 Level 2 Hard Ice Guides and 11 Level 1 Hard Ice Guides. Our guides in general carry the Wilderness First Responder diploma in rst aid (8 days intensive course), Avalanche level 1 or level 2 courses and various other courses that aim for better performance and increased security. Therefore we can offer guides that are t to take on the various tasks our trips demand. Environment Icelandic Mountain Guides have a deep respect for nature. We aim for sustainable tourism and to leave no trace apart from our footprints when we travel. To minimize our use of fossil fuels we have chosen to use regular buses for most transfers and fuel efcient minibuses where other means are not offered. As for our Super Jeep tours we have for the same reason, primarily chosen Land Rover Defenders because they are strong and reliable at the same time as their fuel consumption per passenger seat is the lowest possible for this kind of travel. In Iceland we support local NGOs and take an active part in discussion about development of wilderness and open spaces where we as a rule take natures side against ideas of heavy industry or new highway projects in unspoiled areas. Whether you are a novice hiker or a qualied mountaineer, our experienced guides will ensure that you take delight in Icelands unspoiled wilderness safely and carefully, leaving you with unforgettable memories of astonishing landscapes and lasting experiences. And our philosophy has allowed us to become recognized as Icelands premier mountaineering and hiking company. Come experience the wonders of Iceland with us [email protected] Tel: +354 587 9999 2
  • Practical Information Pre booking is necessary to guarantee your place. Clothing: For all our tours bring warm clothing, thick sweaters and a waterproof shell, and wear good shoes. For those who need, we can provide clothing, just ask when you book the tour or the guide before the tour starts. All specic gear such as crampons and ice axes for glacier walking and helmets for caving is always provided by Icelandic Mountain Guides/ Iceland Rovers. Departures: Day tour departures dated in brochure are guaranteed. They can be ordered for minimum four persons on any other weekday or as a private tour. Security: The Icelandic climate is rough and very variable and so is the terrain. We therefore reserve the right to alter and modify the program at any time during the trip to assure the safety of our clients and staff. Our well trained guides will do their very best to assure you a safe and pleasant journey. Languages: All Icelandic Mountain Guides/ Iceland Rovers day tours are conducted in English. Up on special request they can be conducted in French, German, or Scandinavian. Difficulty levels 1 2 3 4 5 Easy Strenuous 1: Easy Accessible to all people in good health. 2: Moderate Accessible to all those in good health, who do some sports regularly, and are used to all- terrain walks. 4 - 7 hours walking per day, without much carrying. 3: Challenging Suitable for people that are physically active and have some background in basic travelling in mountainous terrain with a backpack. 6 - 7 hours walking per day. 4: Demanding Demands a considerable effort and endurance. Good health and hiking experience is required. 6 - 8 hours walking per day. Often involves carrying your own gear. 5: Strenuous Only suitable for people physically and psychologically prepared for highly engaging experience. Expedition level. Often involves carrying your own gear. Photo: Bjrgvin Hilmarsson Other Photos: Icelandic Mountain Guides and Jean Marmeisse Layout: Spr ehf. Sales Manual 2010 Printing: Leturprent 3
  • Index Day Tours Day Tours around and from Reykjavk 5 Iceland Rovers Super Jeep Tours 7 Glacier Tours on Mrdalsjkull 9 Glacier Tours from Vatnajkull National Park 10 Assisted Treks Landmannalaugar - rsmrk 13 rsmrk - Skgar 13 Combination trek: Landmannalaugar - Skgar 14 Craters, Canyons and Lava 14 Hiking at the end of the world 15 Backpacking Tours Laki - Npsstaarskgar 16 Npsstaarskgar - Skaftafell 16 Combination trek: Laki - Skaftafell 17 Coast to coast: The Iceland Traverse 17 sbyrgi - Mvatn 18 Mvatn - Askja 18 Askja - Nidalur 19 Nidalur - Eldgj 19 Eldgj - Vk 20 The Snfell to Lnsr Trek 20 Touring adventures Kingdom of Volcanoes and Glaciers 21 Super Jeep Tours Hot River Highlands and Golden Circle Tour 22 Highlands and Hot Springs 22 Ultimate Adventure Tour 23 The Wonders of South Iceland 23 Winter Tours on Skis and Snow Shoes Mountains and Fjords of the North 24 Vatnajkull Glacier Expedition 24 Sprengisandur:Traverse of the Icelandic highlands 25 Landmannalaugar in Winter 25 Winter Highlights 26 Greenland Tours In the footsteps of Erik the Red 27 Adventures on Ammassalik Island 27 Backcountry in Liverpoolland 28 Backcountry Skiing at the End of the World 28 Incentive Tours Examples of tours and activities 29 Booking conditions 31 4
  • Iceland Day Tours Day tours around and from Reykjavk 1 Walk on the Ice Side IMG01 Level: Easy. Duration: 10 hours total, 3 - 3h30 on the ice. 2 3 A walk on the Slheimajkull Glacier An Iceland glacier walk is a great way to experience nature and a tour to the 4 Slheimajkull glacier is an ideal w