icc model contracts market. designed for intermediary transactions, this model includes a definition

Download ICC MODEL CONTRACTS market. Designed for intermediary transactions, this model includes a definition

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    A unique set of trade tools which offer flexible solutions to cross-border agreements


    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ICC is the world business organization, a representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world.

    ICC Model Contracts Series ICC’s series of Model Contracts is a unique set of trade tools which offer flexible solutions to cross-border agreements. They:

    � are succinct and practical.

    � are fair and balanced for all parties by clearly presenting comprehensive sets of rights and obligations.

    � include a detailed introduction and extensive appendices to explain the scope of each contract and its uses.

    � provide valuable information to help draft a wide variety of contracts.

    � offer alternative drafting solutions to cover specific cases.

    The ICC Model Contracts are a vital resource for lawyers and international trade practitioners wanting to easily draw up and negotiate their own contracts.

    Most of our Model Contracts contain a practical and easy-to-use CD-Rom with the text of the contract ready for download.

    ICC Services/Publications — Vital information for international business ICC Publications is the publishing arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. We provide precious resources for international business; invaluable for bankers, lawyers, arbitrators and anyone involved in cross-border trade.

    All our Model Contracts and business tools are available from the ICC Store at www.storeiccwbo.org

    Contact us: publications@iccwbo.org

    Please note: Prices in this catalogue are excluding VAT and shipping charges.

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    ICC Model International Sale Contract ICC Pub. No. 738E, €75 (2013 edition)  Also available in bilingual English-French This updated version of ICC’s most successful Model Contract takes into account recent developments in international business and trade finance. It incorporates the latest trade rules, ICC’s Incoterms® 2010, as well as the new Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) rules developed jointly by the ICC Banking Commission and SWIFT.

    PLUS: The CD-Rom containing the text of the contract is now even easier to use with check and choose boxes, and alerts when important fields are not filled in.

    ICC Model International Franchising Contract ICC Pub. No. 712E, €60  This Model responds to a growing need for a simple and user-friendly model contract that reflects the diversity of franchising contracts. An expanded introduction and a helpful commentary offer invaluable explanations and alternative drafting solutions.

    PLUS: A new and improved interactive version of the CD-Rom includes the text of the contract.

    ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract ICC Pub. No. 619E, €70  The Occasional Intermediary provides certain services to the parties without any continuing obligation to develop the market. Designed for intermediary transactions, this model includes a definition of the services to be provided by the intermediary, a description of the exclusive rights of the intermediary as well as a model non-circumvention and non-disclosure agreement (NCND).

    Ttitles marked with a  include a CD-Rom

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    ICC Model Subcontract ICC Pub. No. 706E, €75  Mainly designed for major turnkey projects, this model is flexible enough to be used as a subcontract to other standard forms as well. It is the answer for all those who seek one reliable and balanced standard contract to keep their desk free from unnecessary paperwork.

    ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects ICC Pub. No. 659E, €75

    The ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects provides contractors and employers with a unique, balanced platform that is fair to all parties. At the same time, the model accommodates the desire of all parties for price and scope certainty, the need for swift and effective dispute resolution, and the need for complete and informed allocation of risks.

    ICC Model Contract for the Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant ICC Pub. No. 653E, €67,50 (e-Book)

    Turnkey contracts take a range of forms and at present no single model contract covers them all. This Model covers a wide range of specific issues to the turnkey supply of an industrial plant or production line, whilst leaving the greatest possib le space for the parties to work out special situations for themselves.

    ICC Model International Trademark License ICC Pub. No. 673E, €75  This Model addresses the situation where the owner of a well-known trademark licenses the trademark to a company which will use it with respect to other products than those manufactured or sold by the licensor. Attorneys and com- panies engaged in international trade should use this as a basis when drawing up and negotiating their own contracts.

    The late st in the

    ICC ser ies of su

    ccessful interna

    tional m odel bus

    iness co ntracts,

    the ICC Model T

    urnkey Contrac

    t for Ma jor Proj

    ects pro vides a u

    niquely balanced

    model t hat is eq

    uitable t o both c

    ontracto rs and e

    mployer s, while

    providin g for

    price an d scope

    certaint y, swift a

    nd effec tive disp

    ute reso lution an

    d compl ete

    and info rmed all

    ocation of risks.

    Balance between

    the par ties has

    been pr ovided f

    or throu gh the in

    clusion of

    a good f aith con

    cept, ex planatio

    n of the purpos

    e of cert ain prov

    isions to avoid

    misinter pretatio

    n, and th e use, w

    here po ssible, o

    f equal a nd mirro

    red obli gations

    of the p arties.

    The ICC Model T

    urnkey Contrac

    t for Ma jor Proj

    ects also takes an

    innovat ive

    approac h, reflec

    ting the growing

    importa nce of in

    formatio n techno

    logy thro ugh

    inclusion of detai

    led prov isions on

    softwar e issues.

    The ICC model a

    lso addr esses

    bribery and corr

    uption, in keepi

    ng with the ICC

    approac h in favo

    ur of tra nsparen


    Equally intended

    for use in public

    and pri vate con

    tracts – whether

    tendere d

    or indivi dually n

    egotiate d, as a p

    art of th e “BOT”

    project docume

    ntation, and

    in extern ally finan

    ced proj ects – th

    e ICC m odel con

    tract wa s prepar

    ed with a view

    to furthe ring the

    proper function

    ing of th e constr

    uction in dustry, p

    articular ly within

    the cont ext of in

    ternatio nal deve

    lopment . In setti

    ng out t he parti

    es’ oblig ations

    in a clea r and su

    ccinct fa shion, it

    is inten ded to m

    inimize recourse

    to natio nal law.

    The Int ernatio

    nal Cha mber o

    f Comm erce, th

    e World Business

    Organiz ation,

    based in Paris, is

    the glob al leader

    in the d evelopm

    ent of st andards

    , rules a nd

    referenc e guides

    for inte rnationa

    l trade.

    ICC’s I nternat

    ional C ontract

    s Series

    ICC Mod el Distri

    butorsh ip Contr

    act • IC C Short

    Form M odel Co


    ICC Mod el Intern

    ational F ranchisin

    g Contra ct • ICC

    Model M ergers &

    Acquisit ions Con


    ICC Mod el Intern

    ational S ale Cont

    ract • IC C Mode

    l Selecti ve Distri

    butorsh ip Contr


    ICC Mod el Confi

    dentialit y Agreem

    ent • IC C Mode

    l Contra ct for Tr

    ademark Licensin


    ICC Mod el for Te

    chnolog y Transfe

    r • ICC Legal Ha

    ndbook for Glob

    al Sourc ing Con


    ICC Pu blicatio

    n No. 6 59 E

    ISBN: 9 78-92-8

    42-134 0-5

    ICC Bu siness B

    ooksto re

    iccbook s.com

    IC C

    M o

    d e l

    Tu rn

    k e y

    C o

    n tra

    c t

    fo r

    M a jo

    r P

    ro je

    c ts

    ICC Mod el

    Turnkey Contract

    for Majo r Project

    s ICC Mod


    Turnkey Contract

    for Majo r Project


    659cove r 18/1

    2/07 9 :22 Pa

    ge 1

    ICC Mode l

    Internatio nal

    Trademar k

    Licence ICC Mod

    el Intern ational T

    rademar k Licence

    is the newest

    addition to the

    series of interna

    tional m odel bus

    iness co ntracts d

    evelope d and p

    ublished by

    ICC. Th is mode

    l contrac t addres

    ses the s ituation

    where t he owne

    r of a we ll-

    known t rademar

    k licenc es the tr

    ademark to a com

    pany wh ich will

    use it w ith

    respect to produ

    cts othe r than th

    ose man ufacture

    d or sold by the l


    In this c ase, it is

    assume d that th

    e licence d produ


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