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9th International Conference on Business & Finance, IBS Hyderabad, calls for papers in the following areas: Corporate Finance, Banking, Microfinance, International Finance and Trade, Corporate Accounting Practices, Financial Markets, Quantitative Finance, Managing Financial Institutions, Financial Services, Market Micro Structure, and Global Financial Crisis-after effectsDates of Conference: 6&7 January 2012Abstract Submission: August 30, 2011Full Paper Submission: October 30 2011


  • 1. th9 International Conference on Business and Finance th th January 6 & 7 of 2012 at IBS Hyderabad, India
  • 2. IBS - HyderabadIBS, Hyderabad, is a constituent of IFHE, a deemed to beuniversity under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. Over aperiod of years, IBS has shown impressive growth andreceived widespread recognition from business andindustry, academic circles, and professional bodies. IBSoffers high-quality programs in different areas ofmanagement to students, executives, and professionalsacross India. It endeavors to provide a high quality learningexperience in an adaptive environment, with a focus onrelevance, rigor, and research. The mission of IBS is todevelop ethically-grounded, professional managers whocan add value to the organizations and communities towhich they belong. IBS-Hyderabad has been consistentlyranked among the top B-Schools in India in the annual B-School surveys every year. 2
  • 3. 9th International Conferenceon Business and Finance 2012The International Conference on Business & Finance (ICBF) has, overthe past few years, emerged as a platform for researchers andpractitioners to interact and exchange viewpoints on contemporary andemerging areas. The conference endeavors to establish a high qualitydiscussion forum in the contemporary areas of finance for academics,professionals, and practitioners. It provides an opportunity forparticipants to share and present research work on a wide array of topicsin the field of finance. You are also invited to participate as discussants,session chairs, reviewers, and members of the program committee. Theconference annually attracts high quality research papers with areasonable share from abroad. THEMESObjective of the Conference ? Finance CorporateAs the global economy struggles to overcome the recent economic Banking ?crisis, it is clear that there has to be a major overhaul in the traditional Micro Finance ?thinking in business and finance. The integration of the financial International Finance and ? Trademarkets and resultant systemic risks, international accounting ? Accounting Corporatestandards, and effectiveness of domestic and international regulatory Practicesstructures are some of the current issues that need to be dealt with by ? Markets Financialboth academicians and practitioners. New approaches and policies have ? Finance Quantitativeto be developed in developing and developed markets alike. ? Financial Institutions ManagingParticipants will benefit from the various perspectives offered on the ? Services Financialglobal business and finance practices vis-a-vis domestic practices. In Market Microstructure ?addition to serving as an academic platform where the latest research in Global Financial Crisis After ?business and finance can be shared, the conference is intended to act as a effectsplatform for discussing the opportunities and challenges facing allparticipants in the global financial markets in general and in India inparticular. The purpose of the conference is to promote research anddevelopmental activities in the areas of finance. Another goal is topromote scientific information interchange between researchers andpractitioners working all around the world.The highlight of the conference will be to further understanding intheory and practice in the areas of business and finance. The focus areaof the conference is global in nature and the meet is expected to be agood platform for academicians and practitioners to exchange ideas andresearch findings on contemporary issues. The spread of the financialcrisis through financial and real channels across countries in the era ofintegration of financial markets around the world has raised severalissues which can be discussed and debated during this conference. 3
  • 4. Invite for Papers ICBF-2012 invites high quality research papers from academicians, practicing managers, and research scholars in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Accounting, and other related areas for presentation at the conference. Focus Areas of the Conference Corporate Finance Managing Financial Institutions Agency Issues and Corporate Governance ? ?Architecture and Innovation Financial ? Acquisition Mergers and ? Issues Regulatory ? and Dividend Decisions Financing ?Stability Financial Quantitative Finance Micro Finance ?Modeling Financial Management of MFIs ? Derivatives ? Micro Finance Models and Functioning ? ?Econometrics Financial ? of MFIs and Regulations Legal form THEMES Credit Default Swaps in Indian Markets ? ?Inclusion and Financial Deepening Financial? FinanceCorporate Financial Markets Corporate Accounting PracticesBanking? Market Efficiency and Asset Pricing ? ? Financial Reporting Standards InternationalMicro Finance? ? Markets and Market Integration Emerging ? Changing Role of AuditingInternational Finance and? Banking Market Microstructure Trade ? Banking Investment ? of Bid/Ask spread Determination Risk Management ? ? Asset Pricing Liquidity and? AccountingCorporate Credit Management ? ?Trade Modeling Sequential Practices Role of Technology ?? MarketsFinancial Bank Licensing Policy ?? FinanceQuantitative