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Race on the train


  • 1. OntheSupported by THE BATTLE OF CORPORATE SUREMACYProperty owned by :

2. Why this Race ? The Brave Heart is a Tough ,Exciting ,Adventure Race toShow case India in this case (Karnataka) in its trueSplendor to the World . Its a Hard Fought race for 7 days with a lots of action ,fun , adventure and discovery. 12 Corporate Teams will fight it out to become the FirstIndian Brave Heart on the Golden Chariot . Truly one International race to promote Indias landscape& Beauty where we will open Entrys out to the Worldfrom 2013 . 3. Why the Golden Chariot ? One of the most Picturesque & luxurious trains in Asia . Showcases the true Heritage ,Culture & Adventure ofIndia in one great Journey . The Locations we are touching have opportunities forGreat Treasure Hunts & Tasks . The Race will be visually the most exotic & a journeynever to forget for a lifetime for participants All this action & yet at a 5 star hotel kind of luxuryoffering on board the Golden Chariot . 4. Golden Chariot Utter Luxury in the Midstof the Exciting Race 5. Overview of the event The First Race ever where 12 teams of 4 per team will compete their witsout to become the first Indian Brave Heart on the Golden Chariot Teams Travel on the Luxury Train for 7 days & at every destination are givenTasks & Treasure which will need atleast 3 -4 hours to Crack . The Teams who manage to crack the Treasure & do the tasks in each cityare able board the train to the next destination , the others will have to takethe Bus to the next destination . Its going to be a tough race and the best team will win. Any Corporate or a team of Individuals can participate . Each team will be given a 5th player (a celebrity) to participate in the event The whole event will be covered by a BBC with an Episode & Repeat airing Team members can be part of any company , Individuals and from anycountry . 6. INDIAN BRAVE HEARTCONCEPTA International race that tests the mental , physical & emotional limits of endurance of teams involvedin the show .a) The Race is a Combination of Navigation, Treasure Hunting & Dare Devil acts.b) The race will be 7 days long and very hardcore.c) Cracking clues, solving mysteries, Treasure Hunt, decoding information; collecting data, navigate through the journey, Accomplishing special tasks like performing a dare stunt, interacting with locals, Survey some places of Historical and Geographical importance of that particular region.d) The Team will have to use all its skills to survive the challenge & be ahead of otherse) The Team which is Able to Navigate, Crack treasures, Do dares & reach the Final destination will be Judged Winners .f) The team that gives the most consistent performance in all departments of the game will end up making the most points & eventually winning the game . 7. Teams 4 member Team , 1 Celebrity & 1 women among them. Should be ready to do dare acts (kayaking, rockclimbing, canoeing, paintball. etc) Every member should be able to drive a vehicle & havenavigation ability do minor repairs to the vehicle if necessary good communication skills with the team members ability to search for informations in internet and books Should be able to swim Teams can be any nationality. 8. Cities we will traverse through Bangalore Mysore Kabini Belur Hampi Badami GoaEach destination is Historical ,Exotic & a treasure by itself , so theTeam who is able to Crack this race will truly be the Indian BraveHeart of this region . 9. Dare acts or stuntsCanoeing :Rappelling / Water fall Rappelling: :Rowing / Kayaking:Swimming:Freefall Coasteering :Tyrolean :Rock climbing:Scuba diving:Trekking:Bungee jumping:Hot air ballooning :Night navigation:Horse back riding:Mountain Biking :Survival Challenge :River crossing:Paintballing : 10. Clues1) Crack a Location:Information about a place of Historical importance will be provided. The teams have to gather all information, crack theclues and reach that particular place. This event will bring focus to some neglected places of historical importance.We can collaborate with the Tourism department for this. Each state will have at least one such location.2) Puzzle clues : Teams will get pieces of the clue at various locations , they have to put them together and decipher the clue .3) Content clues: content comes in many forms, such as books, laptops ,maps , ect Teams have to decipher the clues using these .4) Picture clues : teams are given pictures of a place they have to find it5) Navigation book clues: will be provided at certain place where teams will need to follow their navigation book for that stage that will guidethem to then next clue & to the next dare . Each clue will lead to the next.6) Dare clues : Only after a team does a dare stunt will they get the next clue .7) Topographical clues : Topographical maps will be provided to the teams which will guide them to the next destination .8) Word Search clues :Teams are give alphabets they have to make as many words as possible and decipher the clue . 11. TasksShortest Distance traveled:A particular origin and destination will be given with certain check points (via certain places). No map will be provided and the teams have to go off roads. Only the Latitude and Longitude of a certain location and check points will be provided. They have to find the shortest distance from origin to destination going through those check points.Time Trails:Shortest time taken by a team to travel between 2 check points, or locations (mostly off-roading ) teams get points according to the time taken .Toughest Terrain:Teams have to pass through some tough terrains, like hills, mountains, sand deserts, rivers etc. based on the difficulty of the terrain they get points. Marshal check :TDS (time,distance,speed) the team that is closest to the required time for every marshal checkgets the max points.Transportation task :Teams have to transport fragile goods from one location to another . Teams get points according to the state of the goods at point of delivery . Eg. ( eggs , water bucket , glass bulbs basically things that break very easily . ) 12. Life line & bonus Oracle/ Trinity: Oracle or Trinity is like a god father or a big brother whowill help these teams in solving those riddles, clues and who knowseverything about all the keys to crack the clues. They can communicatewith Oracle through wireless. If a team is unable to crack any clue theycan consult him. The Oracle will not reveal every thing, he/she ll just givehints. This option will like last resort life, like a Life Line the teams. Theymust have to give away some points to consult him. Combine cards: At a particular point two teams have to join to together tocrack the clue. Yield cards : Prevent other teams from crossing that particular point for acertain time period . Zip cards: The team can directly go through a task or a dare withoutperforming it . They dont receive any points for that task/dare . Bonus points card : teams can use these to add points to their tally . Gift cards : team win prizes if they manage to perform certain dare stunts. 13. Application Process Apply online or Offline Fitness and Medical test Ability to Swim , Drive & Navigate 14. Time Lines & Venues 1st Oct 8th Oct 2012 15. Publicity Plan Press Conference in Aug 2012 with the Govt big Wigs & celebrities Hoardings at prominent locations News Paper ads - Times Of India or Deccan herald Radio Partner - Radio Indigo & Radio City Movie Theatre Ads Internet Publicity - Google ,Yahoo , Indiatimes , MSN , Orkut ,Facebook etc also www.indianbraveheart.com BBC Covering the event & making it to an episode with globalviewership 16. BBC or NDTV 1nos 30 min Episode of quality programming With Celebrity Compere traversing the race & following itbit by bit . 20 nos 30 secs promos cross programs before airing . Bumper Breaks , mentions etc Global viewership & Exposure for the brand 17. Continuous Coverage on News Paper/ Radio Times of India/DNA continuous coverageon Bangalore Times at the bottom onPage 3 for the Duration of the Race withupdates , pics on each day . RJs from Radio Station will board theGolden Chariot & deliver live updates fromevent 5 times a day. 18. Main Sponsor - Opportunity Naming Rights Indian Brave Heart on the Golden Chariot 40% branding across all communication Integration of Product or Service as part of the Event Entrance Arches , Backdrops , Runner Boards , Car Stickering Consumer Promotion that allows consumers to go on a Guided Luxury tourof the INDIAN BRAVE HEART on the GOLDEN CHARIOT hanging out withthe Participants and seeing the Best Luxury tourism India has to offer. Event Merchandise for all participants will have Brand logo visible on theirEvent Jerseys , Gear etc 19. Telecom/Mobile All clues and Navigation can happen on its networkdepending on the availability of network in that area ,which will be done during Reece. Usage of Handsets can be common across all teams &customized applications on the platform can be used tothe fullest . 2 Winning couples from an SMS campaign can be givena drive of their lives in Picturesque Karnataka on theGolden Chariot for 7 days for free. ( the questions askedcan be Related to Golden Chariot & Karnataka Tourismwith Clues given) We are open to explore Ideas for the same 20. Soft Beverage Only such Beverage will be seen in allmodes of communication , online or onground . Beverage Vehicle will be part of the Squadthrough the Journey & so the Vehicles willbe Filled with these. Branding at various points like at places ofacts etc 21. Clothing Will be the Official clothing for the Event ,all participants will wear them exclusively . All Marshals will Wear the Clothing . Official Merchandise will be released . 22. Alcoholic Beverages All after Parties will have exclusivity ofbranding, Flow of Liquor . Meet and Greets . Ex


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