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1. Module6CMRP 11th BTeacher Maria Joo Bispo 2012/ 2013 2. The Iberian Wolf is awild mammal, belongingto the family Canidae;There are two species:gray (Canis Lupus) andred (Canis Rufus). 3. Very refined smellWeigh between 30 to 40Gray and brown or whiteand blackLarge headTriangular earsYellow eyes 4. The northeastern top of Portugal and isolated areasin the Sierra Morena, Spain. 5. Wild boars, sheep,chickens, horses andcows. Sometimes they canhunt dogs and can takeadvantage of corpses,that is, they can also bescavengers*.*necrfagos 6. Mating season can be anywhere from Januaryto April. The alpha femalehaving only five toseven days of estrus. 7. In Portugal, there arepopulations of wolvesin the north which aredivided by the RiverDouro; The diet of thiswolves causingenormous damageto the shepherds. 8. The intelligence of wolves is a fascinating factor; They follow people during the night while theycross the woods and this is a manifestation of itscuriosity; The relationship between man and wolf hasbeen based on a relationship of fear andaggression. 9. We are the future!