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<ul><li> I Should Have Used Social Selling Gil Gundersons Guide To Social Selling "C'mon, help ol' Gil out here" Gil Gunderson Famous Springfield Salesperson @GerryMoran </li> <li> 82% B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared. Listen for sales triggers, conversation starters and customer connectors with social media to be more prepared and set a better first impression. @GerryMoran Source: SiriusDecisions </li> <li> @GerryMoran 50% of identified sales leads are not ready to buy. Make sure you cultivate them with great content with your Twitter feed, LinkedIn updates and Group messages. Source: Gleanster </li> <li> 49.5% of LinkedIn users have an incomplete profile. Improve your social media profiles curbside before you try to sell yourself as an expert to your customer. @GerryMoran Source: LinkedIn </li> <li> Todays sales process takes 22% longer than five years ago. Dont start using social selling on the last day of the quarter to make your quota today! Source: SiriusDecisions @GerryMoran </li> <li> 90% of CEOs do not respond to cold calls or emails. Connect with customers on Twitter, in LinkedIn Groups and on blogs BEFORE you cold call them; then it wont be so cold! @GerryMoran Source: Harvard Business Review </li> <li> 75% of customers use social media as part of their buying process. You are not connecting on the customers terms if you dont know how to tweet, LinkIn or blog, then learn! @GerryMoran Source: IBM </li> <li> 78% of salespeople use social media to outsell their peers. Quit breaking your back and use social to listen for social sales triggers, fine-tune your profile, build your reputation to connect with customers to successfully compete. Source: Forbes @GerryMoran </li> <li> 89% begin their buying process with a search engine. Make it easier to get found by your customers with social media and content. @GerryMoran Source: Fleishman-Hillard </li> <li> 57% of the buying process is done before sales contact. Use social selling techniques to connect with your customers before they walk in the door. @GerryMoran Source: CEB </li> <li> 98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections achieve quota. Start to establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase the size of your network! Source: Sales Benchmark Index @GerryMoran </li> <li> Please visit my blog at MarketingThink.com for more social selling ideas and tips! @GerryMoran gerry@marketingthink.com MarketingThink.com Social Media And Marketing Coaching Blog @GerryMoran Picture sources: Thanks to the Simpsons and Gil Gunderson for this inspiration! </li> </ul>