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Pages 2-3

Before you read

1. Which famous Gothic novel was written by the English writer Mary Shelley?

a) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hydeb) Draculac) Frankenstein

2. What do people do at Halloween?

a) wear costumes and have funb) give presentsc) make pancakes

3. What do you think pupils do to celebrate World Teachers Day?

a) have a partyb) give gifts to their teachersc) stay at home

4. Which food do Americans love?

a) pumpkin pieb) curryc) rice

5. What do we call a person who dances ballet?

a) a balleterb) a ballerinac) a baller

While you read

Read pages 2-3 more carefully and then match the list of numbers and dates to the corresponding information:

1. 4,000a. is Frankenstein Friday.

2. 500b. is the age of Bruno Mars.

3. 31 Octc. dollars in prizes for the best Halloween costumes.

4. 16d. gymnasts take part in the World Gymnastics Championships.

5. 29 e. is the age of Simone Biles, Artistic Gymnastics Champion


Pages 4-5

Before you read

Work in pairs to match the words with the definitions.

1. the place where dirty water goes under the citya. maps

2. by means ofb. twice

3. labyrinthc. hat

4. two timesd. sewer

5. a child with no parentse. maze

6. you wear this on your headf. orphan

7. these help you find your wayg. via

Read the texts on pages 4-5 quickly to find the words from the pre-reading exercise in context.

Then read the texts again more carefully and answer the following questions:

1. When were the Ninja turtles first in a comic book series? In 1984

2. 2. Where is Thomas trapped? In a place called The Glade with other boys.

3. What is the maze full of? It's full of horrible creatures.

4. 4. Who adopts Eggs? The Boxtrolls.

5. How many times has Ariana performed in the White House? Two times.

6. Who is The Godfather of Soul? A most influential musicians in history. ( james brown)

7. When did Maroon 5 meet? In 1994

PEOPLE: Angelina Jolie

Pages 6-7

Read the texts on pages 6-7 more carefully and then answer the following questions:

1. What kind of teenager was Angelina?

A rebellious teenager.

2. Why didnt film directors choose her for their films?

Because her image was too dark

3. What did she have to do for her role in Lara Croft Tomb Raider?

She had to speak with an English accent and to intensive martials arts training.

4. In which country did she meet children who were victims of landmines?

On a humanitarian mission in Thailand

5. Why was the film Mr and Mrs Smith important for Angelina?

Because she met Brad Pitt, his actually husband.

6. How many children has Angelina got?

6 Children

REPORT: My American school

Pages 8-11

Read the four pages more carefully and check comprehension by completing the following sentences:

1. Eliott chose to study at an International High school.

2. 2. His school is proud of its cultural diversity

3. Students must be able to speak one foreign lenguage to get a place.

4. 4. Exchange students come from all round the world.

5. Eliott didnt like wearing a school uniforms.

6. 6. It was against school rules to have long hair.

7. In his class students worked in small groups.

8. In America there are discipline problems on school buses

LOOK!: The Tower of London

Pages 12-13

Read the texts more carefully and answer the following questions:

1. When was the Tower built? In 1078

2. Where can you see the Crown Jewels? In the Jewel House

3. Who had 20 servants when he was in the tower? One Scottish prisoner, in 1296

4. What do you usually find in a moat? It used to have water.

5. Where were prisoners executed? In Tower Green.

6. What do the Beefeaters do? Guard the Tower and also take care of the ravens.

7. When was the White Tower completed? In 1078

8. Who completed it? William the Conqueror

Read and decide if the following sentences are true or false.

If they are false, then correct them:

1. The biggest piece of gold in the world is in the Jewel House. F.

The biggest piece of cut diamond in the world is in the Jewel House.

2. Some visitors left graffiti on the walls of the prison. T


3. The Kings polar bear used to fish in the moat. T

4. The Beefeaters live inside the Tower walls. T

5. A robber was the last prisoner in the Queens House. F

A criminal was the last prisoner in the Queen's House.


Pages 14-15

Read pages 14-15 of the magazine and answer the following question:

Where was Nintendo created? In 1889.

Read pages 14-15 more carefully and complete the following table with one of these answers:

Game Boy / Tetris / Mario / Wii / Mickey Mouse

1.Mario is the most famous video game character in the world.

2. More children recognised him than Michey Mouse

3. In the 1990s Nintendo created a portable console called Game Boy.

4. In 2006 the Wii changed the video game experience.

5. Tetris by Nintendo is the best-selling video game.


Pages 18-19

Read the texts more carefully and answer the questions:

1. Where was the swimming pool full of balls? In a hotel in Shanghai, China.

2. Why are flight attendants in China learning kung fu? To controle difficult travellers.(to calm)

3. What is the Queens portrait made of? From buttons, broken jewellery and parts of old toys.

4. Can you eat the sweet shoes? No, you can't

5. What is the Transformer made of? From parts of old cars.


Find the word.

All the words appear on pages 18-19.

Another word for very old ancient

A painting of a personPortrait

Round object used to fasten clothesbutom

A person who is very enthusiastic about something fan

The American word for biscuitscookies

To make something more personal private

Not cheapexpensive


The colour of grassgreen

Unusual, not normalnot tipical

Things children play withtoys