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Minority Ethnic and Multi Faith Community Action Report


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    We help

    Our impact on Wiltshires communities

    We help groups recruit and retain volunteers

    These wonderful volunteers [referred by your service] have greatly impacted the lives of the most

    vulnerable children and families in the community.

    We help volunteers and staff to be more skilled

    and knowledgeable

    Thank you for empowering me to give [social media] a thorough examination and greater


    We help groups raise funds

    It was excellent the adviser had researched and looked into our needs we were not given generic

    information but realistic avenues for funding.

    We help groups learn from each other

    It was a useful meeting, there were lots of bodies there with a wealth of knowledge and lots of

    different organisations as contacts.

    We help groups to be better run

    I have a good understanding now of how funding should be approach to ensure aims, outcomes and

    objectives are covered.

    We help organisations address inequality and


    I am concerned that equality issues are slipping down the agenda. Wilshire Equalities Network

    provides an umbrella for us all to get together.

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    Introduction The I Am Wiltshire Report has collated information gathered from a programme of work delivered by DEVELOP Wiltshires local Voluntary Sector Development and Support organisation, Wiltshire Council, West Wiltshire Multi Faith Forum, and Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) community groups. It has been supported and funded by Wiltshire Council. This programme included a range of activities working alongside BAME and Faith communities to improve the understanding between these groups and the statutory sector. Through active dialogue and communication we have been able to identify issues that are areas of concern for BAME and Faith communities and have explored some of the barriers and experiences relating to how they access services and support. DEVELOP Equalities Service acts as a single point of contact for the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Wiltshire providing information, training and infrastructure support to build capacity and in this context to help to reduce and eliminate discrimination. Additionally we aim to provide a platform for a strong and influential voice in the work of the public sector on this agenda and are developing and strengthening this, particularly at a local level, through the infrastructure of Community Area Boards. This report summarises our work, provides recommendations and offers a practical Equalities Toolkit for organisations to utilise which is made available through our website www.developecs.org.uk.


    DEVELOP acknowledges the contributions of many individuals and organisations who have engaged and participated over the past year. An extended thank you to all the black and minority ethnic community groups, faith groups, and to our partners West Wilts Multi Faith Forum and Wiltshire Council.

    James Moody

    Chairman, DEVELOP

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    We Help Our Impact on Wiltshires Communities .... 2

    Introduction .. 3

    Programme Aims and Objectives .. 4

    Training and Development . 5

    Area Board Campus Development 5

    Group Support 6

    Working with West Wilts Multi Faith Forum . 7

    I Am Wiltshire Stories . 8

    South West Alliance of Nomads (SWAN).. 8

    Ian Adams .. 9

    Sebastians Story .. 9

    Recommendations 10

    Historical Factors that Create Barriers in Community Engagement .. 10

    Cultural Factors that Create Barriers in Community Engagement .. 10

    Practical Factors that Create Barriers in Community Engagement . 10

    Hate Crime 11

    Young People .. 11

    Engagement and Advocacy .. 11

    Religion and Faith 12

    Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) . 12

    Conclusion .. 13

    Resources and Promoting Equalities 14

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    Programme Aims and Objectives

    The overall aim was to develop a network for Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) and Faith groups to interact, be represented, and to deliver joint action between public and voluntary organisations. On behalf of Wiltshire Council, DEVELOP has researched issues on Equality and Diversity within BAME and Faith groups. This further supports these groups in organisational governance and policy updates which has delivered wider representation overall. We worked with a number of organisations to increase understanding and awareness including Honorary Research, Public Health Department - Dementia Project. (Dementia within BAME communities, accessibility of services and support in Wiltshire, and how organisations can better support people to live well with dementia), the Association for Real Change (Advice on guidelines for service providers, commissioners and policy makers in addressing the needs of people with learning difficulties from ethnic minority communities including new migrants. This information was requested as part of the Here To Stay research project consultation), Black History Month, The Intercom Trust (Supporting lesbian gay bisexual and trans gender (LGBT) people, and communities in the South West), and Heritage Lottery Fund South West (supported to ensure key equality groups in Wiltshire are included in

    the mapping exercises). BAME, Faith Cluster events and Community Cohesion Conferences were delivered in partnership with the West Wilts Multi Faith Forum and other voluntary sector partners were via the Project Steering Group. Sessions were held in West, East and South Wiltshire during September to November 2014. Attendees reviewed and discussed a number of key themes e.g. Hate Crime, Young People, Housing, Employment or they chose something additionally important to them and their community. These sessions brought communities together and enabled networking and support opportunities in identifying how people can continue to work together positively in the future.

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    Training & Development

    Equality and Diversity training sessions for Wiltshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Healthwatch Volunteers plus DEVELOPs OPEN Training Programme.

    42 people were trained in these sessions and learning outcomes included improved understanding in: Understanding what Equality and Diversity means to organisations The Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics Discrimination Public Sector Equality Duty Equality Policies that are fit for purpose for the organisation

    Resources in the form of an Equality Toolkit were provided to support organisations in implementing the learning and disseminating practice.

    Area Board Campus Development

    Part of the Single Equalities Service is to embed Equality and Diversity principles within the Area

    Campus structure. A training session was delivered to the Chippenham Campus Development Board

    and during September 2014 we provided facilitation of the Area Campus Equalities Consultation, with

    the participation of 50 attendees.

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    Nearly 30 groups and organisations were supported during 2014-2015. These include organisations whose service users are protected under the Equalities Act 2010, or who are looking into making their services and policies fit for purpose to support people within the protected characteristics.

    Who did we support?

    Community Engagement Officer - Corsham Campus consulting on their future needs around equalities and accessibility.

    Salisbury Blind Association to undertake an

    Accessibility Check for Salisbury Councils re-designed website

    Highlighted issues for Wiltshire Mosques and

    religious leaders linking to legal aspects of Islamic marriages.

    North Wiltshire Community Club supported

    on issues regarding organisational governance and good practice.

    Wiltshire Police liaison on Hate Crime and

    emerging themes and considerations West Wilts Multi Faith Forums AGM talk on


    Group Support

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    Working with West Wiltshire

    Multi Faith Forum

    West Wiltshire Multi Faith Forum provide for people of all faiths (or no faith) to meet together in friendship, to gain knowledge, respect and understanding, in and around West Wiltshire. They provided a space for people of different backgrounds, cultures and faiths to experience and unite in common shared values found in all faiths and cultures. They delivered a range of activities, a summary of which follows.

    AGM Religious and Racial Discrimination and integration held in June 2014. Delegates learnt about strands of equalities, the impact of institutional racism and the importance of engagement. Approximately 40 people attended.

    Faith and Cultural Awareness Training to

    Police Community Support Officers. These training sessions included information and resources on how to manage situations sensitively and increasing confidence in engaging with different faith groups.

    Community Event with focus on Carer

    Support members of diverse communities in and around Trowbridge in October 2014 attended this event which provided advice, information and support to carers from BAME communities. It offered a space to encourage Carers to engage with Carer Support Wiltshire and helped individuals to talk with other organisations supporting BAME comm