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We are proudly presenting you,Our First Issue of "Hyderabadi Baatan"(Hao,Ab Apan Hyderabadi Magazine bangaye :D).We have created a Hyderabadi magazine that brings everything Dil se to the readers.A mixture of serious topics,fun and some kirrak Content, we are sure you would end up asking for more.The more we are getting busy with our hectic lifes,the more we are drawn away from the true meaning of enjoying our life.Hyderabadi baatan takes you into a nostalgic journey of our Apna Hyderabad and those carefree zabardast days we once had. toh Bhailogs,Maro Read aur Share karo.We Also Welcome your Suggestions,Critiques and contributions please provide your kheemti feedback at hydbatanmag@gmail.com.


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    c o n t e n t sA P R I L 1 304 History of The Charminar 12 The Big Picture

    22 Strength,Thy name is Women!

    28 Cover Story-Are we really Developing?

    36 Weekend Guide-Kuntala Waterfalls

    42 Guide to Hyderabadi Wedding

    52 Fame vs Talent : Football

    62 Photo Chronicles-Mubeen Siddiqui

  • Hyderabad is very special to my heart and Hyderbadi Baatan our maiden venture is all about bringing our city close to everyone.

    We have created Hyderabadi magazine that brings everything dil se to the readers.A mixture of serious topics,fun and some kirrak knowledge, we are sure you would end up asking for more.The more we are getting busy with our hectic lifes,the more we are drawn away from the true meaning of enjoy-ing our life.Hyderabadi baatan takes you into a nostalgic journey of our Apna Hyderabad and those carefree zabardast days we once had.

    This months issue mainly deals with the truth behind being really Developed.Discover the nooks and corners of hyderabad that you never knew existed.Take a look into the week end get aways around our city.Know the etiquettes of attending the Grand Hyderabadi Shaadi.Im sure the way you have loved visiting our page you will equally love reading our magazine.If you have the pas-sion to write about anything and getting featured,have some interesting things about our city to share,then you can write into us at hydbatanmag@gmail.com.

    Jab tak bhailogs & behen logs Hyderabadi Baatan Aisich Bolte Maki Kir Kiri.

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    Hyder AbadiEditor in Chief

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    c H A R M I n A RYamani Bin Zubair

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    c H A R M I n A R

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    C h a r m i n a r T h e quintessence of Hyderabad. One of the most renowned historical monu-

    ments of India, built in 1591 AD is a monument and a mosque built by Quli Qutb Shah in order to honor a promise made to ALLAH (SWT). The four minarets of Charminar are said to honor the first four khalifas of Islam.

    Shortly after Quli Qutb Shahs decision to shift his capital from Golkunda to what is now known as Hyderabad, the Charminar was the first monument to be constructed. According to numerous myths recorded by historical travelers, Islamic schol-ars & historians, the Charminar was actually completed by 1592 AD whereas Hyderabad City was founded in 1591 AD. According to a French traveler, Jean de Thvenot, the Charminar was built to honor the commence-ment of the second Islamic mil-lennium year (1000AH)-thus Quli Qutb Shah founded Hyderabad City in this year.

    The construction of this magnifi-cent landmark had been carried out by Quli Qutb Shah accompa-nied with his Prime Minister Mir Momin Astarabadi. The mosque was also intended to serve as a madraasa. Eminent Persian architects were called upon to develop the city plan. Thus this structure illustrates Indo-Islamic style architecture while integrat-ing elements from the Persian architecture.

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    This impressive square monument, around which the city of Hyderabad was designed, is constructed at the intersection of the two main historical trade routes.-from Golkonda to the port city of Masulipatnam.

    Standing tall over the eastern bank of the Musi River, this landmark oozes the signa-ture style of Islamic Architecture. Made of glistening pulverized marble, limestone, granite and mortar, the Charminar was so accurately planned that if you opened the gates of the fort one could get a glance of the bustling city. Legend has it that a secret, underground tunnel connects golkonda to charminar, intended as an escape route for the Qutb Shahi royal family. However, its whereabouts are unknown.

    The Charminar is a four storied structure with each side measuring 20m (approx 66 feet) and each corner has an exquisitely shaped minaret equipped with a double balcony. Crowned with a bulbous dome with dainty petals like design at the bottom each minaret stands 56m tall (Approx 184 feet). Each minaret has 149 steps to allow visitors to reach the upper floor. A giant arch is seen on each side of the minaret from the plith to the summit measuring 11m wide and 20m high.

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    A secret, underground tunnel

    connects Golkonda to Charminar, intended as

    an escape Route for The Qutb Shahi Royal Family.

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    During Qutb Shahi times, the roof served as a court house, with the mosque located on the western end. The actual mosque is situated on the top floor of the four-storey structure. There are two galleries within the Charminar, one over another. Above the two galleries, there is a terrace, which acts like a roof along with a stone balcony. The main gallery of the Minaret has 45 cov-ered prayer spaces. In hte front, there is a large open space to accommodate people for Friday prayers.

    Hyderabadi Muslims who migrated to Pakistan have created a small-scaled quasi replica of charminar in Karachi. The Charminars minarets & roof offer panoramic views of Hyderabad, The Golkonda, Lad bazaar & Mecca Masjid. The Charminar has become a signature monu-ment over the years and continues to be an iconic symbol of the citys heritage.

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    -Anish Subramanian

  • Imax? Yeah, I know of it. College bolke ghar se nikalte the lekin gaye IMAX. And why not??A maal by your arm, you watch a movie; have some food, kwality time and what not. No maal? You can still do all that and . . ahem . . politely stare at the mall/maal (whatever works for you man, nobodys judging). This is what the word Imax means to most of us (atleast at some point in your life. I hope it did). And you are well within your right to do all that and more. I dont know if you know but that is not what IMAX means. Ill try and explain what it means and my ulterior motive for writing this article (phir nai to bekaar mein likhte yeh sab?).

    IMAX is a type of film format, produced by the Canadian company IMAX Corporation. Film? Movie? Imax corporation production company hain? corporation kya? GHMC type corporation?

    Forgive the pictures; I am not much for googling. But yes, I hope they can define film and

    projection for you better than I can. If you know of the death of film and its hastened replace-ment with digital, than good on you man, you neednt read this load of crap anymore. If you are a neophyte to this or sirf sallu bhai ke picturaa dekhte apan, Ill try and summarize things for you.

    Film as a medium for motion capture, i.e., movies had been slowly phased out since the 90s with the advent of digital. This occurred in three stages of movie production

    a)Reasonable quality digital cameras with greater manoeuvrability and mobility (Sony really pio-neering here) as opposed to cumbersome and heavy film cameras during the filming stage

    14 HyderabadiBAATAN | May 2013

  • b)Advent of the digital intermediate-basically the predecessor of your typical editing suite soft-ware- as opposed to manually cutting and gluing together film strips in the editing stage.

    c) Most obviously, as film was recorded digitally, we needed digital projectors to project as opposed to film projectors.

    Now the ever greedy movie studios were always going to welcome the digital revolution-produc-ing tons of film print for a single movie and shipping them to different theatres the world over is way more expensive than doing so digitally. Also, film degrades over time so the print isnt the same on repeat viewings; it is of a lesser quality, unlike digital.The only people who were holding out in the 90s were the creative people (directors, cinema-tographers. Not all but 99% of them). At the time the quality of digital cameras was not up to the mark. Ab poora technically explain nahin karte yahan, utna hona tho net peh dhundo .For the non-enthusiast, quality basically means resolution (amongst other things but mostly resolution). As resolution increased, especially in the mid 2000s, a lot of filmmakers felt it was good enough to switch over, and studio zeal took over.

    Haan history lesson khatam ho gaya, ab meri summary suno- Digitalhasalreadytakenovermostpartsoftheworld. Digitalhascomealongwaybutisntquiteatthequalitylevelfilmis. Filmprojectionisslowlybecomingconfinedtoboutiquescreens(Indiamainuthnaseriousnahin hain because.. well.. INDIA. No seriously, its happening here as well, at a slightly slower rate.

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  • So what is the premiere movie going experience right now? Watching a movie in IMAX, i. e, watching a movie shot on IMAX (partially, no feature films have been completely shot on IMAX to the best of my knowledge) at a movie theatre equipped to screen IMAX (screen size and IMAX film projector).

    The above picture should be self-explanatory without need for any technical specs-the strip of film is larger, much larger and captures more of the image at a higher image. So weve established IMAX is the greatest film format.

    Lekin main to 720p ya 1080p something downlo . . . ahem . . .karidke dekhtu? Yes, those are digital resolutions. 1080p home digital releases, i. e, your Bluray Discs that you . . . bought . . and own. . . are almost equivalent to 2K projections in a theatre.

    Now, 4K cameras and projectors are probably the highest standard digital filming (cinephile trivia-arri alexa and RED epic; dusre loga lite lo), at least right now