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In Hungary all MNO’s understood that without a wide cooperation they won’t be able to appeal the service providers to join Mobile Wallet. Therefore the MNO's created a strong association in order to harmonize all of the activities regarding Mobile Wallet development. It means the association became a gateway towards the service providers and customers as well to raise their awareness of mobile NFC and Mobile Wallet. The association is responsible for giving every relevant details related to Mobile Wallet to the potential service providers. We started our pilot project in 2013, July. At the first phase we focused on the three basic features like everyone else. We started our pilot project with a payment, a loyalty and an access features. Nine out of ten users indicated that they used Mobile Wallet primarily in hyper- and supermarkets. 90 % of our users paid for food and fast food. It means that Mobile Wallet can support our everyday impulsive and fast shopping. Buy something in a fast and convenient way Mobile Wallet can be a good tool for that. According to our users’ opinion the main benefits of the Mobile Wallet are that it is always at our hand, easy to use and that it is a cool payment tool. In 2014, February we extended the scope of our Mobile Wallet service. Our ticketing feature enables our customers to buy theater ticket via internet than the ticket is being issued in the Mobile Wallet. Furthermore, we issued one more access card to entry sport facilities. In 2014, May we launched a transport ticketing feature which means you can buy single tickets or season tickets and validate them on buses using your mobile phone. You all know that transport ticketing is one of the most engaging features in Mobile Wallet. More you use a card more important to integrate it in Mobile Wallet. Last but not least we want to give further added value for our customers. The retailers pointed out that they are interested in location based promotions. It means to send coupons, vouchers, promotions to customers who are in a dedicated area, for example nearby a big shopping mall. Mobile network operators can identify the customers’ location and send messages or push notifications to them to stimulate their purchasing. At the end of 2014 we would like to install smart posters with JCDecaux in downtown to educate people and to raise their awareness of mobile NFC.