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1. AttractandHire GuideandSupport ManageandDirectDevelopandRetainHuman Resource AdministrationPRoduct SummARyHigHligHtSP Centralized Data Portalaychex Human Resources Online is a Web-based solution that helps eliminate theStreamline data sharing and communicationsinefficiencies and inaccuracies of updatingthrough centralized data administration, includingand managing data in multiple places. Central data organizational directories, automated notificationsmanagement, custom workflows, and screen displaysand reminders, employee profiles, forms,add convenience and help increase communication, procedures, and much more.which may reduce administrative labor costs.Supervisor and employee self-service options New-Hire Workflows Provide a consistent onboarding process formay further increase efficiencies and cost-saving managing new hires, from profile updates toadvantages. Implementation is fast and easy. unique cross-organizational workflows. Benefits Administration View and track benefit plan profiles, enrollments, and employee and employer costs. Convenient what if employee net payroll deduction calculators are useful decision making tools. Training and Performance Provide powerful tools for employee development, including highly custom online performance review forms and event scheduling and tracking. Self-Service Option Determine and control user screen customization and access to multiple options, including paperless payroll, policies and forms, organizational directories, and much more. Reporting Assist in saving administrative labor time maintaining data files and output reports, including total compensation summaries, census reporting, and required labor compliance. 2. key featuresRecRuiting emPloyee/SuPeRviSoR Job descriptions and postings Self SeRvice Resume archive/skill search Time-off calendar/approvals Integration with Taleo Business Edition Pay stub and W-2 access Net-pay payroll deduction calculatorsHiRing Profile updates Custom onboarding Tax status and direct deposit changes Orientation schedule Employee documents Profile management Employee handbooks access Forms License and certification tracking Policies and procedures I-9 recordkeeping tRAining And PeRfoRmAnce Training curriculumsemPloyee PRofileS Performance management Dynamic forms (EEO, etc.) Corrective action Automated future updating Position, salary, rate Notifications and remindershistoryBenefitS AdminiStRAtionSePARAtion Benefit plan profiles COBRA tracking Employee/employer cost tracking Asset tracking Total compensation summaries RecoRdkeePingcomPAny HR PoRtAl OSHA, EEO, FMLA, Communication center I-9, etc. Organizational directories Forms and posters Company documents Audit trails Dynamic forms Reminders and notifications Job descriptions Paychex One-Source Solutions One Partner, One SolutionAdam M. Auslander919.678.9001 x 29860154559E 9/10