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  • Human Being Human: Culture and the Soul

    Christopher Hauke

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  • Publisher : Routledge

    Release Date : 2005-10-27

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  • ISBN : 1583917152

    Author : Christopher Hauke

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  • Human Being Human explores the classical question 'What is a human being?'

    In examining our human being, Christopher Hauke challenges the notion of human nature, questionsthe assumed superiority of human consciousness and rational thinking and pays close attention tothe contradiction of living simultaneously as an autonomous individual and a member of the collectivecommunity. The main chapters include:

    who's in charge here? knowledge power and human being that thinking feeling is modernconsciousness different? Modern consciousness and the quest for spirituality endings, theunconscious and time Orpheus, Dionysus and popular culture.

    The book is also structured around brief panel essays with a distinctly personal tone, such as: therise of revulsion: spitting and the stones, what is the double when the original is gone? And 'I livedwith the Speaking Clock'. All these themes are amplified by examples drawn from psychotherapy,film, literature and popular culture, and illustrated with many evocative photographs and film stills.

    Human Being Human provides an original perspective on what it is to be a human being, the value ofpopular culture, the relationship between the individual and the collective and our assumptions abouttruth, reality and power. Written in a highly accessible style, this book is both intellectually andemotionally satisfying and will fascinate anyone interested in contemporary psychology, culturalstudies, film and media, social history and psychotherapy.

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