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HPC Midlands Centre Director Dr Steven Kenny provides a brief overview of the supercomputing centre of excellence, from Loughborough University and the University of Leicester, co-funded by EPSRC. For more information, please see http://hpc-midlands.ac.uk


  • 1. Introduction to HPC MidlandsDr Steven Kenny, Director HPC MidlandsLoughborough University

2. Introduction Loughborough has been running its own HPCsystems for the last 12 years. Largely academic systems, but have alsosupported industrial projects. EPSRC-BIS call in December 2011 was aimedat creating regional centres. One of the remits was to drive industrial usageof HPC. 3. Vision Establish a regional Centre of Excellence for HPCwith emphasis on industrially relevant research. Enable direct access to World-class facilities tobusinesses, including SMEs to benefit the UKeconomy. Form a partnership between Loughborough andLeicester Universities to deliver HPC to HEIsacross the Midlands. 4. Aims and Objectives Support research that matters. Provide direct access to industry. Be flexible and adaptable in meeting theneeds of our industrial partners. Populate the centre with engineering analysissoftware to address key challenges. Give priority to excellent research with directeconomic benefit. 5. Collaborate Work directly with experts in Science andEngineering at Loughborough and LeicesterUniversities. HPC Midlands will underpin that work byproviding access to World-class facilities. Opportunity at the end of the sessions fordiscussions. Case studies highlight on-going work. 6. Supercomputing on demand Why make a huge capital investment in HPC when you can pay for the capacity you need, when you need it? HPC Midlands provides cost- effective supercomputing on demand for research and industry, delivered via the JANET network. 7. Supercomputing on demand Use our state-of-the-art hardware and expert support to: - Expedite jobs that could take weeks or months to run in-house - Enhance your existing HPC capability when you need to - Run commercial off-the-shelf software from leading vendors - Turn HPC from a capital to an operating expense 8. Soul of the new machine 3,000 cores (48 Teraflops) 11 chassis (18 blades each) 15TB RAM 120TB Lustre storage Non-blocking QDR Infiniband 188 compute node blades: 2 x 2.0GHz (8 core) Sandy Bridge 140 with 64GB RAM (4GB/core) 48 with 128GB RAM (8GB/core) 9. Soul of the new machine Commercial software: - CD-adapco Star-CCM+ - ANSYS CFX - MSC Marc - Intel Cluster Studio / MKL Open Source: - OpenFOAM - NETCDF - pHDF5 - PETSc(and more!) 10. Progress Machine already being heavily utilised. Awarded cpu time to a number of industriallydriven projects. Developed a SLA working in conjunction witha number of partners. Developed agreements with independentsoftware vendors for the supply ofcommercial software. 11. www.hpc-midlands.ac.uk01509 223110