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Hp site scope installation


  • Avnet Technology Solutions 2 St Crispin Way, Haslingden, BB4 4PW T +44 (0)1706 222180 F +44 (0)1706 898200

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    HP SiteScope Installation and Basic Configuration

    The Partner Services Consultant will install and configure the HP SiteScope product to monitor up to 20 systems by deploying up to 100 points worth of SiteScope monitors to them.

    Key Benefits: The customer will benefit from the technical

    experience and expertise in a guided installation The customer will have confidence they can proceed

    to use the HP Software solution and that it will satisfy their needs for the period specified by the consultant

    The customer will benefit from full documentation of the installation process.

    Service Scope: An experienced Partner Services SiteScope Consultant will liaise with the client to understand the managed environment and which nodes will be nominated for monitoring. Install SiteScope Management Server Patch Server to latest release Import pre-defined monitor groups (templates) Add servers to be monitored and deploy pre-

    configured monitor templates Configure alerting on threshold breaches (including

    sending emails)

    Configure role-based access for up to 3 users Walk through SiteScope system; Monitors/

    Templates/Alerts Provide configuration document. Deliverables: The Consultant will: Install the SiteScope server software Import customised monitors for CPU/ Memory/

    DiskSpace monitoring (Windows/ UNIX/Linux) Import monitors for example service monitoring

    (Windows) Import monitors for example process monitoring for

    UNIX/Linux Import monitors for Website availability (Windows) Import monitors for example file monitoring

    (Windows/Linux) Configure thresholds on monitors (using CSV files) Configure alerts when thresholds are breached

    (SiteScope GUI alerts/ email forwarding) Deploy monitors on up to 20 servers Basic Skills Transfer Document the installation.

  • Avnet Technology Solutions 2 St Crispin Way, Haslingden, BB4 4PW T +44 (0)1706 222180 F +44 (0)1706 898200

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    Exclusions: The package does not include: Delivery outside the normal working hours (09:00

    17:30 Monday to Friday) Documentation other than the configuration of the HP

    Software No monitors other than those comprising the

    imported set will be configured No purchasable Application Templates will be

    configured. Customer Responsibilities: Customer should complete and return supplied

    spreadsheet with details of threshold values Authentication credentials to access remote servers No firewall restrictions to prevent SiteScope server

    from accessing remote servers Suitable server to house SiteScope Server (with OS

    pre-installed and configured) Consistent Name Resolution Scheme Name lookups must be consistent across systems to

    avoid workarounds. The above services are delivered during normal business hours (9am 5.30pm) Monday Friday, excluding bank holidays.


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