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Howard Olsen. Truth # 1. You Cant Close Before You Open . 75%. of the OUTCOME of any selling opportunity is created in the initial stages. Truth # 2 . Every buyer makes . 5 Critical Decisions. in precise psychological order. Truth # 2 . 5 Critical Decisions:. 1. About YOU?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Howard Olsen

275%of the OUTCOME of any selling opportunity is created in the initial stages.You Cant Close Before You Open Truth # 1

5 Critical DecisionsEvery buyer makes in precise psychological orderTruth # 2 4

5 Critical Decisions:2About YOU?About Your COMPANY?About Your PRODUCT?About Your PRICE?About TIME?Truth # 2 13455You Have To Ask For The Logical Next Step62%Sales People Dont Ask For The Next Step Even Once

Most Buyers Give 2 Objections or Stallsof the timeTruth # 3

6ExplorationIntroductionPosition The CompanyPosition The PriceLock It UpLock It DownPosition The Product SALESPERSONCOMPANYPRODUCTPRICETIME76543218DECISIONSThe High Output Sales System

75%Confirmation Of Need7

8People Buy Outcomes Not ProductsDo You Want: A Drill or A Hole . . . . ? Home Depot Story

Salespeople [You] Have The Questions:Stimulate ThinkingCreate ClarityDiscover Value

Customers Have Answers:Memories & PerceptionsNeeds, Wants & DesiresProblems & IdeasFears & HopesPast ExperiencesAnswers Are In Your Customers HeadHome Depot Story6 ValueTriggersDifferent people will buy the same thing for different reasonsPeople Buy For Their Reasons Not Ours

BMW StoryYou Gotta Ditch The Pitch!

Begin With A QuestionSo, what have you got?Tell me a bit about what you do.Can we skip the small talk? What can you do for us?What makes you different?What your price or how much?Silence ..Play Catch & Release!

13The Power In Selling aint in telling!

The Power In Selling Comes From:Making A Solid First ImpressionAsking Thought Provoking QuestionsListening IntentlyConfirming You UnderstandThats the foundation of deep and lasting trust./\Professional, Ethical & Effective15

You Cant Make Any AssumptionsTheres Only One SafeAssumption:You Know NothingUntil The CustomerTells You What They Think

Thank You!Visit: Coaching & ConsultingWorkshops & SeminarsSpeaking ProgramsValue PropostionsSell More With Truth & Trust