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  • How will your ideas make the world work better?Student opportunities

  • #BetterBeginsNow



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    The EY experience lasts a lifetimePage 6

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    Ask yourself what legacy youd like to build

    How will your ideas make the world work better?2

  • Do you know what it takes to build a better working world?

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    Youve got the potential to help make the world work better. Now you can use it.

    Because at EY we like to look for smarter and better ways to do things. We like to ask, what if? You see, the biggest breakthroughs in this world happen by asking these two small but powerful words. Lasting achievements start with looking at things in a different way and thats what were all about. Its the legacy were creating for our clients, communities and our people. And wed love for you to be involved.

    How do you want the world to work better? Well provide you with experience and experiences thatll shape your career for years to come. Because when you grow, we do too. With EY you can influence the future of your career, the businesses you work with and even the world you live in.

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    It takes guts and determination to be great. Thats why were proud to support the innovators and game-changers of today and tomorrow. Great leaders and entrepreneurs who make a real difference to how we live our lives.

    Can it work better? Its a good question and its one we ask a lot. It helps us provide timely, transparent and quality information. All things that help the worlds capital markets function better. By helping clients to improve and grow, they achieve higher living standards, creating more opportunities for local economies. And you know what that means? Exactly a better working world.

    Proudly supporting greatness

    Helping clients grow

    Better questions, better answersWe believe its usually the simple questions that unlock the most complicated problems. They can start a ripple effect that spreads out across the entire world. Thats why better questions are behind everything we deliver. Its how we help clients operate more efficiently, with less risk and more growth.

    Can one question change the world?

    See highlights from the 2015 EY World Entrepreneur

    Of The Year

    A better working

    world one day at a time

    How will your ideas make the world work better?4

  • Think it sounds like a big goal? Maybe, but we think its achievable. Heres the plan:

    Exceptional client service

    Client service sets us apart in the market, and no matter where in the world you are, its something well be looking for all of our people to deliver.

    Highest-performing teams

    Its how we help build careers including yours. We draw on a diverse team for every project to find the best opportunities and innovations for our clients to grow today and tomorrow.

    Strengthen global, empower local

    Youll have access to a global network and join a team empowered to build relationships and get things done on the ground. We connect with each other like no other Big 4 firm cross border and cross services.

    When you work for EY you realize something its what we do together every day that makes the world work better.

    So back in July 2013, with the help of our people, we embarked on Vision 2020: our strategy to become a US$50 billion distinctive professional services organization by 2020.

    Growing our business means growing our team.

    $28.7bglobal revenue in 2015

    212,000total EY headcount

    150countries around the world with an EY presence

    16consecutive years Fortunes Best Companies to work for list

    350,000 hours contributed to local community development initiatives

    8.2m learning hours for our people globally in FY15

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  • The EY experience






    Would you like to work side-by side with the entrepreneurs, game-changers, disrupters and visionaries of tomorrow?

    By helping the best in the business to innovate, youll be building on their legacy and creating a better working world.

    Just imagine, every day you could play a part in the rise and success of the worlds greatest companies. And maintain the foundations of economic stability and growth.

    At EY well help you do all this. Were expanding into different industries and creating teams to keep pace with the ever changing business world.

    We want our people to thrive in this new environment. So well empower you with world-class training to prepare you to be a future leader.

    Starting out, youll know the challenge is not just about keeping pace with change, its about staying ahead of the curve, and EY can help take you there.

    Are you ready for the challenge?

    lasts a lifetime

    Whenever you join, however long you stay,

    the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.


    How will your ideas make the world work better?6

  • Get ready to change tomorrowYour career is important, right? So well make you a deal. You bring your talent, enthusiasm and ideas; and well support you with a variety of learning, experiences and coaching. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. Heres what a career with EY will offer you:

    The world is yours


    Develop critical competencies through planned, high-impact real world experiences with a range of clients.


    With EY youll get exposure to many business sectors at the start of your career. Then as you progress, you can specialize in the industry you like best. Gaining insight into various sectors allows you to better understand how the changing world impacts your clients business. Plus it helps you to find different ways to innovate and do even better business.


    Our commitment to lifelong learning means youll have access to high-quality, formal training to give you the skills and knowledge to develop you as a confident professional.


    If you have day-to-day questions or run into difficulties, your managers will be there to coach you. Theyll also be there to advise you on career development and encourage you to take responsibility for your future career.

    Global Exchange Program

    Working overseas is a great experience. Thats why after four or five years with us you could have the chance to do a one-in-a-lifetime 18-24 month assignment in another country. When you return, you can share what youve learned with your team back home.

    New Horizons

    Fancy a short stint overseas? A few years after you join us youll have the chance to take a three-month placement in another EY office overseas.

    Enterprise Growth Services

    Make a real difference. After two years of high performance you can join the not for profit, not for loss business unit of EY. Youll get to step outside your comfort zone for a few months and join a team in Asia, Africa or South America to help build a better working world through exciting and impactful local projects.

    If youre the kind of person who loves global culture then working at EY opens you up to a world of opportunities. Whether its the chance to work overseas or being part of a diverse virtual team, there are endless ways to connect with others and develop your cross-cultural skills and knowledge.

    Another great session with my mentor. Career development is massive here! Head full of ideas for upcoming projects. Feeling so inspired. Having the right support makes a big difference. Marcus

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    Are you ready to start building a better working world client by client?When joining EY youll have the unique opportunity to focus on industries that interest you most. For those passionate about working with banks, insurers and asset managers you can even choose to join our global Financial Services Office and completely immerse yourself in the world of finance.

    Everything we do from the people we hire, to the work we do together, all helps bring our purpose to life.

    So no matter which stage of your career you are youre in, youll be able to begin creating your legacy. Leaving the world in a better state than how you found it.

    InternshipAn internship at EY can offer you a better head start. Youll get real work, real clients and real experiences now. Explore your interests, plus learn business skills, gain hands-on work experience and receive world-class training. During your internship youll be able to get a sense of our culture and values, and clarity about the type of career youd like to shape. Plus, the best bit is, if you impress us well offer you a permanent position after you graduate.

    Give your career a head start:[country]/intern

    Your exceptional EY experience begins now

    How will your ideas make the