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  • Why Trends Change

    Fashion and Design is much like a living creature, always fluid and evolving. Influenced by the Mega Trends of economics, politics, socio-cultural, demographic and technology, trends occur in waves and are in a constant state of flux with individualization an increasing component. Designers, of necessity, interpret various trend directions to their own specifications, taking into account the impact of consumer spending habits, new style directions and the all-important Mega Trends which are profound and lasting trends. In short fashion notions change, just like skirt lengths.

    To illustrate this, a page from Harpers Bazaar Sept. 2010 showing Sportswear. Here, the definition of Sportswear has completely evolved due to the current design direction of Sportswear mixed with Haute Couture.

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  • Why Trends Change

    As fashion changes, Sportswear becomes more Haute Couture and Streetwear becomes more Dressed-up Daywear, our job is to evolve and stay ahead of these trends, put simply to showcase the future of fashion. That is why you will see the segments and mood boards as well as the design flags changing and evolving. Classic will always be re-invented slightly as will Glamour, Harmony, Progressive and Romantic. They will be redefined according to the fashion and design climate to offer exciting, innovative and creative ways to continue sparkling with crystal.

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  • 1950s 1970s 1980s 2000s 2009

    Glamour History

    The evolution of Glamour: During its history Glamour has meant many things to fashion. In the 50s pearls and gloves were considered the epitome of Glamour while in the 70s it was Yves St Laurents Le Smoking suit. The 80s were all about big hair and bright colors, while in early 2000 over-the-top, labeled luxury with, outrageous and often overly eccentric touches defined the term. Today however, peoples redefined notions of luxury, in large part due to the economic crisis, as well as constantly evolving fashion tastes, means that Glamour has undergone a discreet re-evaluation. No longer is it full-on and flashy, today Glamour is perceived as understated elegance, with tone-on-tone applications and clean, minimal lines. That is not to say however that once the economic climate changes, this will be the case!

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  • An Overview of the Trend Research ProcessFor internal use only

  • Harmony Definition & History

    HARMONY Necessity of health, necessity of protection, relaxation, nature, tradition, ethno, intellect, humor, environment, decorative, freshness, artistic, modernity

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  • Harmony Explanation

    The Harmony theme for A/W 2011/12 is centered around reflection and solitude. It is the

    snow rabbit amidst its icy winter landscape, camouflaged and still. The theme itself

    encapsulates a sense of cocooning peacefulness.

    It is about the need to take time for ourselves whilst indulging in the blissful pleasure of touch. Here we see the design world taking comfort in a sense of rediscovered safety, wrapping us up

    in whisper-soft cashmere and the downy texture of mohair.

    In this theme we seek to nurture and protect ourselves, but most of all we seek solitude.

    Just like the snow rabbit melding into its surroundings we have learnt that to survive, we

    need to integrate into society.

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  • Harmony Trend ConfirmationFor internal use only

  • Classic Definition & History

    CLASSIC Fine quality, balanced, elegant chic, clean, pure, luxurious understatement, distinction

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  • Classic Explanation

    The Classic theme for A/W 2011/12 focuses on the powerful brown bear.

    Like the bear we have awoken from a deep, restorative slumber to a world of

    new elements. We are seeking to re-connect with our

    natural habitat. During the long dark days and nights, we have learnt that

    there is a need to change our behavior, to show more respect for our environment. That to survive we need nature and all that she offers. To that

    end we crave sustainability and enduring organic forms.

    Our design ethos is powerful and sturdy much like the bear itself.

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  • Classic Trend ConfirmationFor internal use only

  • Progressive Definition & History

    PROGRESSIVE Spontaneous, casual, open-minded, cheeky, fun, strength, risk-taking, experimental, sporty rebellious

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  • Progressive Explanation

    The Progressive theme for A/W 2011/12 focuses on the agile, cunning fox.

    But be prepared, as fashion changes so do our Trend Directions. Our Progressive

    direction, usually our more radical direction, offers a complete departure from the norm.

    Generally considered the most forward-moving direction, this season it showcases

    a truly traditional element. This is due to the fact that the younger

    generation have already learnt the hard way that the world is not a frivolous

    playground and that to survive, they need to outsmart.

    Making do with less and simplicity have now become a common constant in their

    own lives, much like their grandparents. To learn how to survive the future they now

    take their directions from the past.Conservatism is thus the New Radical.

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  • Progressive Trend ConfirmationFor internal use only

  • Romantic Definition & History

    ROMANTIC Decorative, sensitive, delicate, subtle, refined, atmospheric, dreamy, nostalgic

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  • Romantic Explanation

    The Romantic theme for A/W 2011/12 focuses on taking flight and looks to the brilliantly colored

    kingfisher for inspiration.It decrees that we are tired of being grounded, of

    being worried and anxious.We want to set ourselves free, to fly, to soar above

    it all. To forget our troubles and explore a new world filled with fun and fancy.

    We want to dress up and dazzle like exotic birds, soaring and winging our way to exotic places.

    Our survival strategy is to take flight and explore exciting new possibilities.

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  • Romantic Trend ConfirmationFor internal use only

  • Glamour Definition & History

    GLAMOUR Elegant, exclusive, opulent, decorative, rich magnificent, elaborate, expressive, visionary, outstanding, luxurious

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  • Glamour Explanation

    The Glamour theme for A/W 2011/12 focuses on the beautiful thoroughbred black stallion.

    This theme is all about proclaiming we are back in business, it is about reclaiming the city and

    showing our rediscovered strength.Like the surefooted and sophisticated

    thoroughbred horse, adaptation and endurance is the key to surviving the urban jungle.

    Within this direction we discover a strong, sleek silhouette dominating the city streets. Unity and

    strength is the overriding message and we know that to survive we must adapt and endure.

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  • Glamour Trend ConfirmationFor internal use only

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  • Excerpts from Trend Union`s Prediction for Spring/Summer 2012

    And to conclude on an extremely positive note:We are pleased to share with you the following prediction from elite Paris Trend Agency, Trend Union, for Spring/Summer 2012.

    In their Paris presentation to the fashion worlds elite crystal was predicted as a major Trend direction for Spring/Summer 2012. And when the worlds leading Trend Agency predicts that crystal is the way of the future for fashion, you know the design world will be listening.

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  • Excerpts from Trend Union`s Prediction for Spring/Summer 2012For internal use only

  • Contact Design & Creative: Karin Strametz karin.strametz@swarovski.comContact Director Trend & Design: Ute Schumacher ute.schumacher@swarovski.comContact Fashion/Accessory: Lee-Anne Carter lee-anne.carter@swarovski.comContact Jewelry: Andrea Hanna Baier andrea.baier@swarovski.comContact Interior/New Segments: Pietzner Frauke frauke.pietzner@swarovski.comLinda Sophie Bachmeyer linda-sophie.bachmeyer@swarovski.comContact Designer Network & Sponsoring Design Schools: Sandra O`Connor sandra.oconnor@swarovski.comContact Assistant: Susanne Volland

    For further information on the A/W 2011/12 trend themes please refer to the video launch on SIA which presents each theme in its entirety.


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