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  1. 1. Want to find the best Home Based Businesses dealing with the mostimportant issue today... Health? Visit: for information on the 4 Best Home BasedHealth Businesses available.Contact: Matt Canham 415 508 3898How To Write More Effective Blog Posts If you are building your home based business online chances are you already know the importance of blogging. Having a business blog can be one of the best things you can do for your business in order to attract people to you and gain more prospects. Blogging also allows you to stay in touch and build a relationship with people already on your team that may be scattered around the country or the globe. If youre wanting to build an effective and popular blog you dont need much.
  2. 2. The first thing youll need is a good domain name. I recommend using a domain name that is keyword optimized. The possibilities are endless but just know that keywords are always best because they will automatically get your blog in the search engines faster. However the real trick to building an effective blog doesnt lay in the domain name, or the layout (although obviously you dont want an ugly blog) but in the content aka the posts themselves. So how do you write more effective blog posts that will not only captivate your current readers and keep them coming back but help you gain a bigger and bigger audience and at the same time raise your blog in the search engines? Her are a few simple tips to help you write better content for your blog. 1. Keywords! This can not be said enough. If you want to build a popular and effective blog you cant do it without the use of keywords. Take some time and do your keyword research because it will pay off big time if you do it right! Another good tip is to use keywords in the categories for your blog as well! Wherever you can fit in a keyword do it! 2. Get Original! Nobody is going to come back an visit a boring blog. Make sure your content is original and exciting. The most effective blogs Ive found will have a mix of helpful content and personal stories. You want your readers to know and trust you as a business person as well as care about you as an individual.
  3. 3. 3. Use Pictures! I can not stress enough how much adding pictures will add to your blog. Breaking up your text with pictures will make people want to read more and more and the more personal the pics can be the better. So if youre talking about your trip to Hawaii with the family dont just use a stock photo of Hawaii use one of you and your family! Another tip is to make sure and keyword optimize the titles of your pictures before you post them as well! Those are just a few simple tips that will help your blog become more popular. Make sure you work on your blog at least a couple times a week and follow these tips and youll be good to go!
  4. 4. Want to find the best Home BasedBusinesses dealing with the most important issue today... Health?Visit: forinformation on the 4 Best Home Based Health Businesses available.Contact: Matt Canham 415 508 3898