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How to Write an ORQ. Tips from Mrs. Henson. BEFORE you write…. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY and then… follow them! Read the prompt several times. If you are confused, ask questions (hello, that’s my job!). PACE YOURSELF- you have limited time, so use it wisely! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HOW TO WRITE AN ORQTips from Mrs. Henson

  • BEFORE YOU WRITEREAD THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY and then follow them!Read the prompt several times. If you are confused, ask questions (hello, thats my job!).PACE YOURSELF- you have limited time, so use it wisely!Plan out what you will say: Intro, support, quotes, conclusion.

  • Introduction- 1 or 2 sentences!What is your claim/point you are making?How will you support your answer?Example 1Example 2Example 1Quote!!! (use quotation marks!)Explain how the quote proves your point- why does this prove you are right?Example 2See aboveConclusion- 1 or 2 sentences!Restate your claim/point- what is your answer?Remind the reader how you proved it

  • WHILE YOU WRITEIntroduce the topic! (i.e. answer the question!)ALWAYS use complete sentences.Make your claim/point in the beginning!USE QUOTES!ALWAYS explain your quotes- dont assume the reader can make the connection.

  • WRITING (CONTD)Spell out numbers and words like:too/to/twobefore, without, because, & andUse academic language- this is not your blog!Never begin a sentence with but, because, or and.Do not use I except on rare occasions.

  • AFTER YOU WRITEReread your essay.Do your thoughts flow together? Is it coherent and well organized?Make sure it has an intro, support WITH QUOTES, and a conclusion.Check spelling, grammar, & punctuation.

  • EXAMPLE OF A GOOD ORQ RESPONSE:*NOTE: THIS IS NOT PERFECT- IT NEEDS A LOT OF WORK, BUT IT ANSWERS ALL ASPECTS OF THE QUESTION AND GIVES EXAMPLES. READ THIS AND THINK ABOUT HOW YOU COULD MAKE IT A BETTER RESPONSE.The purpose of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is to entertain but at the same time disturb and scare [the reader].Poe does a really good job of accomplishing his purpose. For example, we know that a raven back then is bad luck, so that sets the tone to be scary or eerie. He also uses repetition and rhyme a lot, but in an old-fashioned way.

  • The Simpsons also did a good job changing the purpose around. They did satire, basically making fun of The Raven, by adding similar and funny quotes like Eat my shorts! and Doh! It makes it funnier knowing it is a cartoon. Another way they made it funny was they actually had Homer chase the bird. That was really funny.

  • RUBRIC FOR ORQSBLANK: You did not give any answer at all.

    SCORE 0: Your answer is totally incorrect or irrelevant.

    SCORE 1:You show minimal understanding of the question.You address only a small portion of the question.

  • RUBRIC FOR ORQSSCORE 2:You complete some important components of the question and communicate those components clearly.You demonstrate that there are gaps in your conceptual understanding.SCORE 3:You complete most important components of the question and communicate clearly.You demonstrate an understanding of major concepts even though you overlook or misunderstood some less important ideas or details.

  • RUBRIC OF ORQSSCORE 4:You complete ALL important components of the question and communicate ideas clearly.You demonstrate in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts and/or processes.Where appropriate, you choose more efficient and/or sophisticated processes.Where appropriate, you offer insightful interpretations or extensions (generalizations, applications, analogies).

  • THE NEXT STEPConsider 3 things you need to do to improve your writing responses.Write them down on a sheet of paper.