how to write an essay teaching unit power point by samantha avery 2 nd grade

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  • How to write an EssayTeaching Unit Power Point by Samantha Avery2nd Grade

  • So you were assigned your first essayAn essay is something that you write.It is usually 3 or more paragraphs of information about a topic.This topic will either be chosen by you or the teacher.

  • How to choose a topicPick something that you enjoy and that you would like to learn more about.Even if the teacher assigns you a topic try to find a way to make it interesting to you.

  • Where to find informationInformation is needed when writing an essay.If you are writing an essay on a book (more commonly called a book report) you already have the information

  • How to find Information ContinuedA good place to look up information is the local library.The internet is also a very good tool for information. Also Encyclopedias are very helpful when looking for information.

  • You made it to the LibraryOnce you make it to the library then you can begin looking for information.If you need help just ask the librarian. Librarians do not bite I promise. Even if they look mean they are normally pretty nice.

  • Using the InternetTo use the computer to find information you go to a website like Google and you type in a word that you want to get information about, like if you were writing about birds, you would type the word Bird into the search box on the website. If you need help remember to ask your parents.

  • Organizing your informationChecking out books from the library is one way to keep your information together.The other way to organize your information is to take notes.

  • How to take notesWhen you take notes you find the information most useful to you. You decide the different things that you want to talk about and put them in order and put the notes in that order.

  • Finally time to start writingFirst you need to decide if you want to type your essay or write it by hand.Then it is a good idea to find a quiet place so that you can think, but be near your parents so that they can help you if you need their help

  • The parts of a paperThe first part of your paper is the introduction.You tell the reader what you paper is about and what you are going to be talking about in the rest of the paper.

  • Parts of a paper ContinuedThe next part of your paper is the body of the paper.The body is where you talk about the information that you collected, and the things about your topic that you want your reader to know

  • The last part of the paperThe final part of the paper is the conclusion.This is just where you briefly remind the reader what they read.This ends your paper.

  • WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whatever you do when writing a paper do NOT copy right out of the book.You need to use your own words other wise its considered cheating which is very very bad.

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are finally done with your first essay.Dont you feel proud of yourself?It wasnt so bad was it?Remember these tips on how to write a paper you will need them later on.