How to Write a Business Plan in 4 Simple Steps

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Choosing a Company Name for Your Startup

Writing A Business Plan


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Tip #164% of people who had completed a business plan grew their business compared to 43% who hadnt. Source: (

Actually Write A Business PlanIts an important document that you can regularly refer to in the futureIt will outline your business aims, goals, objectives and strategyIt is crucial you have a well thought out business plan if you are looking to acquire funding.Investors will want to see how your venture is going to generate a return on investment. Tip #1


57% of UK companies use secondary data for specific business decisions.Source: Research will help you identify your target market, then you can begin to build a marketing plan on how you will deliver your products to that market.

A good idea is to buy market research documents online if you do not have the time to carry out your own researchMarket ResearchTip #2


Accurate ForecastingThis is where a good accountant will be invaluable as potential investors will be scrutinising your figures. Your forecasts must be realistic and based on factual research & market intelligenceRead about the limitations of the Percentage of Sales Forecasting method: #3


Apply Company BrandingMake your business plan stand out and look professional by applying your new company branding to it.Only 18% of businesses without a business plansuccessfully secured investment capital Source: Tip #4


Business Planning - Research - http://www.marketing91.comForecasting Methods - Forecasting - http://timberry.bplans.comOnline Business Startup


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