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How to use as soon asProf. Wechansing SuliyaHow to use as soon as Rule 1: Two sentences given.Rule 2: Two sentences actions are simultaneous Rule 3: Use as soon as in front of first sentence and comma(,) before second sentence. For example- I entered in home. She started to crying Using as soon as As soon as I entered in home, she started to crying.Example-1He received the telegram. He started at once.ANS-As soon as He received the telegram, he started at once.Example-2He finished his work. He went out immediately.Answer-As soon as he finished his work, he went out.(Removed- Immediately word which showing instant time)Example-3The train arrived. At once the passengers rushed to board it.Answer-As soon as the train arrived, the passengers rushed to board it.(Removing of at once which showing instant time)Example-4The bell rang. Presently the students ran out of the class.Answer-As soon as the bell rang, the students ran out of the class.(Removed Presently which showing instant time)Example-3I went to bed. I fell asleep within no time.Answer-As soon as I went to bed, I fell asleep. (Removed within no time which showing instant time)