How to train your dog, the do's and don'ts of dog training

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  • How to Train your Dog, The Dos and Donts of Dog Training

    By Stacey Nowlin

    First lets talk about the top ten ways NOT to train your dog.


    1. Never hit, slap, punch, or otherwise raise your hand to your dog. 2. Never scold your dog after you have called him, even if he just did something bad. You

    go to him and correct instead. 3. Never scream at your dog, they hear far better than we do and it hurts their ears. 4. Never expect your dog read your mind or obey a command you havent taught him. 5. Never call your dog for no reason, that teaches him to ignore you. 6. Never crate or isolate your dog, just to get them out of way or they will never be

    socialized. 7. Never train too long, it makes training overwhelming. 8. Never end a lesson with negative outcome, end when he does good. 9. Never neglect, ignore or otherwise disassociate yourself from your dog just because he

    is not trained. 10. Never blame the dog when training doesnt go right, you are the trainer and it is your

    job sometimes to figure out best way to get your dog to understand what you want. Be consistent.


    1. Always be nice to your dog when you have called him and he comes to you. Even if he was just bad.

    2. Always positively reinforce your dog when they do good. 3. Always use your dogs name to get his attention 4. Always try to use the word wrong to substitute NO. 5. Always spend plenty of time with your dog. 6. Always provide lots of toys and entertainment for your dog while youre away. 7. Always be your dogs only teacher. You dont want him minding everybody else. 8. Always introduce your dog to new experiences and realize he is a social animal and

    needs lots of attention.

    9. Always make learning fun for your dog. 10. Always be consistent. Go at the dogs learning pace not your own.

  • This being said, I would like to introduce you to a program which teaches you how to properly and humanly train the new addition to your family without yelling, hitting or otherwise negatively reinforcing you dog. The Hands Off Dog Training Program is a 3 part, step by step instructional audio series on how to train with positive reinforcement. Visit the above link to get your free video on the basics of dog training. Teaches you these commands as well as many others

    All basic commands, sit, lay, stay, wait, etc

    Puppy Training

    House Training A Puppy

    Puppy Potty Training Dog Potty Training Dog Obedience Training Leash Training Crate Training Dog Aggression Dog Barking

    I am the owner of 3 dogs and 3 cats and having multiple animals could potentially cause one or all to be at risk of harm if peace is not maintained. This training program allowed us to accomplish huge strides in training in a short amount of time, without yelling, hitting, or otherwise harming the dog. I know people who have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a training program taught either privately or through some type of program with little to no results. Some of the benefits of your investment include

    Trains your dog to love and respect, not fear you.

    Teaches you a concept as well as detailed and specific individual instruction.

    Far more cost effective when compared to similar systems.

    A well trained dog is better protected from harm.

    Continues to give you informative articles on training, health issues and future offers.

    A happy dog is a healthy dog.

    Rated one of the best techniques for humanely training your animal!!!

    The only Con I found in this system is that it did not give specifics on training older dogs for the first time. I did however train my older dog with minimal effort without conflict.

  • I could fill these pages with several reasons why I believe you could benefit from this program but a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Foxy before Foxy after 3 days

    Today we have a happy, healthy and well behaved dog who listens when I speak and whose world revolves around pleasing us and staying out of trouble.

    So if you are looking for a revolutionary training program that is respected and proven to work in over 3000 dogs so far, doesnt cost a fortune and that you can refer to anytime. Check this out