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  1. 1. Secrets To Dog Training>". The Scientifically Based, Dog Training SystemThat Allows Anybody... At Any Age Or SkillLevel...To Fix Dog Behavior Problems."
  2. 2. DOG TRAININGDog training for obedience is a continuous process. Dog obedience training for obedience isbasically a program that requires active involvement of both the owner and the dog. The wholedog training teaches them how to communicate with each other effectively. In case you do notknow, dog training for obedience is vital to building a strong and close relationship with yourdog. To achieve that, house training your dog is the most effective and quickest way to acceleratethe dog training for obedience of your dog.>Proper dog training for obedience is built on the principle of proper andstrict reinforcement of discipline. Dogs are naturally social creatures andare able to live in packs. As such, they are not loners and they areinclined to conform to social hierarchy or authority within the pack ofdogs. Likewise, because of this, they are ready to listen and obey yourcommands. But dog obedience training is effective and easier for you ifyou know what you are doing. Otherwise, a lot of times, your dogtraining efforts become futile and counter-productive.One common goal in dog training for obedience is to train your dog torespond to your command willingly and quickly every time you issue it.Dog obedience training is basically communication between you andyour dog so that your dog understands how you want it to respond toyou. At times, you will realize that training your dog is more abouttraining yourself the owner. This is because your attitude, patience andeffort towards dog training for obedience are so critical to the trainingsuccess. One more tip for you is that dog training for obedience is anongoing process.
  3. 3. >The ideal dog obedience training method is using a consistent rewardand punishment system as dogs respond well towards this especiallywhen they are young puppies. Dog obedience training starts first with sitand come training. Make sure that it pays attention to your commandsand not get distracted. Your dog needs to know that you are seriousabout the training and command. Do not merely threaten to punish it.Carry it out consistently so that he/she senses you are serious about thedog training session. The same goes for rewarding your dog forexecuting each command. Other basic dog obedience training techniquesinclude training your dog to stay and keep down.Article Source: