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  • HOW TO TRAIN A DOG TO DANCE Imagine yourself dancing with your dog to your favorite song? It can be such a breathtaking experience. The

    truth is that it is possible in as much as it may sound ridiculous to lots of people particularly dancers out there.

    The good news is that teaching your dog how to dance isnt that complicated. Here are some tips on how to

    train a dog to dance that will walk you through training you dog to become the best dancer.

    1. Teach him dance heeling moves

    While dancing, your cute little pet should stay in step with you at all times. That is the only way you can create

    a well coordinated dance with him. If you have already trained him all the basic moves, then there is no reason

    as to why he shouldnt learn all the dance heeling moves that you him to.

    2. Let him know you want him to dance with you

    If your little friend always move with you around your room every time you start dancing to your favorite

    song, then it is clear he loves dancing too. As such, let him know you want him to join you in your dance. This

    way, he will be interested in dancing and he will be open to learning more dancing moves.

    3. Hire a trainer

    In as much as you want him to learn how to dance, it can however be daunting to teach him how to do so

    especially if he doesnt clearly understand all the basic commands. It is therefore prudent to have a trainer

    handy so that he can teach him all the basic commands and moves that you want to him to learn.

  • 4. Make it fun

    As a matter of fact, dancing is fun. No one has ever danced when they are sad, angry or when they are feeling

    miserable. And that is why you need to make the process of training him how to dance fun and exciting. In

    fact, the more fun he finds dancing to be, the more he will be interested in joining you every time you are

    dancing to your favorite song.

    5. Try freestyle dancing

    Freestyle dancing allows freedom of movement on his part. It also serves as an opportunity to gauge his ability

    to remain coordinated while dancing. Most importantly, it will allow him room to demonstrate any special

    talents. Freestyle dancing also allows room for more creativity hence enabling you to introduce him to

    complicated dancing moves such as spinning, leaping and backing through the legs.

    6. Dont rush him

    You didnt learn dancing overnight. Remember there was a time you were a little baby when you couldnt

    walk leave alone dancing. The same goes to your dog. You cant expect to train a canine into becoming an

    award-winning dancer overnight. It definitely takes time, skill and effort to train him how to keep in step with

    you while dancing. As such, dont rush him whenever you are teaching him some dancing moves. Take time to

    ensure that he has mastered every move that you are teaching him.

    With these tips on how to train your dog how to dance, you will definitely succeed in teaching him to become

    an award-winning dancer.

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