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The videos and the article show how to train a dog to come to his name. Instead of his name you can use a command like here, a whistle or the hoohoo from the video above or anything else. That doesnt matter. What matters is that its always the same. When training a dog you have to be very consequent and consistent.


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    How to Train a Dog to Come to His NameRox on March 30, 2013 1 comment

    Use the best treats for this training since it is so important. If your dog is a badeater please read my other post on How to Train a Dog to Eat on Command.

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  • The videos and the article show how to train a dog to come to his name.Instead of his name you can use a command like here, a whistle or the hoohoofrom the video above or anything else. That doesnt matter. What matters is thatits always the same. When training a dog you have to be very consequent andconsistent.

    From the video as well as from the article you see: coming to you is always wortha praise, be it a treat, playing a short game or just telling him how good he is.ALWAYS. You can try some variations: If he comes immediately its the best treatyou have. If coming to the call takes him a bit longer its maybe just a good boyor good girl. Youll find out during training what works best for you and your dog.

    Article by Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D., ASPCA

    Teaching your dog to come when he is called is the most importantlesson you can impart to him. A dog that responds immediately andconsistently when you call him can enjoy freedoms that other dogscannot. Such a dog can play in the dog run, hike with you in leash-freeparks, and keep out of trouble in most any situation. Even if you neverplan to have your dog off his leash, things happen. Collars break,leashes slip, gates or doors are inadvertently left open. When anaccident happens, having a reliable recall on your dog could very wellsave his life. While this article cant cover all the different exercises thatcontribute to a solid recall, Ive outlined a couple of fundamental ones.

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  • A Fundamental RuleWhether youre teaching a young puppy or an older dog youve rescuedfrom the shelter, the first step is always to establish that coming to youis the best thing he can do. When your dog comes to you unprompted,acknowledge that you appreciate his attention. You can do that withsmiles, praise, affection, games, or treats. This ensures that he willcontinue to check in with you on a frequent basis. In addition, whenyou call your dog and he complies, similarly lavish him with what hevalues most. NEVER call your dog and do something he doesnt enjoy,like bathe him, clip his nails, scold him, or even ignore him. When youhave to do something he doesnt like, refrain from calling him; simply goand get him from wherever he is. He should always trust that somethingwonderful happens when he comes to you.

    What should you do if you call your dog and he doesnt come rightaway?

    Just do not let that happen. That is my best advice. How can you achieve this?Simply take a long leash. Especially if you train the call back under distractions

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  • such as other dogs at the park or downtown. A puppy will naturally follow you andwill observe you. That is the time to build the basis for a reliable recall. But whenthe dog becomes older you might have the necessity to use the long leash.

    Remember: A dog should be always under your control. That is natural since in apack every dog is always under control of the pack leader. The long leash canensure this untel it becomes unnecessary.

    The Name GameYour dog cant have a good recall if he doesnt recognize his name.Teach your dog to turn and look at you whenever you say his name.Begin this in a quiet place, just as the kitchen or living room. Be surethere are no distractions to compete for the dogs attention. Say hisname in a clear voice. If he turns to look at you, immediately say Yes!and pull out his favorite toy or toss him a tasty treat. Pay attention tohim for a minute or so; then do nothing. Pause until he loses interest inyou. Then repeat the sequence. If he doesnt turn and look when yousay his name, dont repeat it. Instead, turn and leave the room for afew seconds, or run to a corner and play with the toy yourself, or makea display of eating his treat yourself (choose the treats wisely cheeseor wieners are good!). He will learn that when you say his name,something fun is going to happen, and that if he doesnt pay attentionto his name, hes going to miss out. Do this 3-5 times at any one time,but practice it many times over the course of a few days. Graduallyintroduce distractions: practice in different rooms in the house, in theyard, on walks, and at the park; practice while the dog is engaged invarious activities, such as playing, chewing, grooming, sleeping, etc.

    Certainly a valuable game to play with your dog. You should attend often to yourdog and why not making it a fun training session. Everything that helps to get a

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  • reliable recall is worth trying.

    Restrained RecallsMy favorite game takes advantage of the dogs desire to chase. Fewdogs can resist the opportunity to chase their owner running away fromthem. The inclination to chase can be strengthened by holding the dogback until he becomes desperate. The desperation intensifies the dogsdesire to chase to the point that the dog runs to the owner as quicklyas possible.

    Another fun game I recommend also. It is a precursor of the hide and searchgame. You hide somewhere and the dog has to find you. Have very tasty treatsready to reward your dog findinng you.

    This post should have given you a good idea of how to train a dog to come to hisname. Be patient and if your dog cant be called from a play with other dogs hestill will come in the end. Give him a god dog. Then go on training when there areless distractions. And be consequent: One behavior of your dog ALWAYS yieldsthe SAME reaction from you.

    Please let us know whether you found this helpful and leave a ccomment.

  • Dog Training: Teach your dog to come to you!Come when called is one of the most important commands for any dog to know. For more freetraining videos by me, vis it

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