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  • 1. How To Teach Your Horse Tricks- 3 BasicTricks

2. Training a horse is an art, a beautiful one. But its often done successfully with love, patience and being able to understand horses as they really are. How to teach your horse tricks, even the really basic ones, can be achieved if you have the consistency, flexibility and determination.The first basic trick is to jump. Jumping can be done by a horse whether you ride on him or not. To do this, you must first prepare a pole. It need not be the one for competition, even a long slim log on two stands will do. It should be low as you are training the horse. Afterwards you command the horse to run slowly towards the direction of the log. Run with him and jump over the log. At first he might stop but if you do it repeatedly and give the cue jump when you jump, eventually the horse will follow as his 3. instincts and observations will tell him he has to go over the obstacle. Give him a treat every time he succeeds.Now how to teach your horse tricks such as kiss is quite simple. Just let him smell a treat and draw it away from him and towards you. When he tries to reach for it with his mouth give him the cue and kiss him, then feed him the treat. Again, do it repeatedly until he gets used to it. Remember to kiss him with love.And how to teach your horse tricks that are quite as complex as the dance, will take some time, with some, even years to fulfill. You have to combine training a horse to jump on his right and left legs alternately, as if a marching dance and also shaking its hips. Do this as like training with the other tricks and 4. use treats and a whip for control. Train with the hips first then with the legs. For More Horse Training Information.Please Visit


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