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  1. 1. How To Teach Your Dog Tricks Article Source: Ever wonder how to teach your dog tricks like a professional? Training your dog to do tricks is a great and fun way to build a strong relationship with your dog. Impress your friends, cultivate a new hobby, teach others, and have fun while keeping your dog entertained. Learn how to teach your dog tricks like shaking hands or roll over with this article. Positive Reinforcement: Using Praise and Rewards to Get the Results Establishing a method of how to teach your dog tricks requires a partnership of good listening and communication skills between both participants. The most successful method you can employ to build good communication skills with your dog is through positive reinforcement. Many dog trainers will agree that positive reinforcement is the best method for how to teach your dog tricks. Positive reinforcement training relies on a system of praise and rewards to get your dog to obey. As you get to know your dog, pay close attention to what they like and what gets them motivated, which will become part of a reward system. When learning how to teach your dog tricks, a positive reinforcement method encourages desirable behavior. During training, you should ignore undesirable behaviors and reserve punishment for extreme circumstances. You will be pleasantly surprised at how effective positive reinforcement as a training tool works to condition your dog without the need to scold, spank, or threaten. The principle of positive dog training is in the reinforcement of the good behavior. Command the dog, and then reward him when he performs well. In the early days of
  2. 2. training you should reward your dog each time he performs a desired behavior or task well. There are several ways to reward your dog while working on how to teach your dog tricks. You may prefer to give him treats, physical affection, or simply verbal praise as a reward. Once you have selected a reward option and established good communication with your dog, start incorporating the following tips on how to teach your dog tricks. As training begins, be cautious about sending mixed signals of your expectations, and as always, be consistent and patient. Top 5 Tips For How to Teach Your Dog Tricks 1. Be the pack leader Dogs are born pack animals and naturally defer to a pack leader. Therefore, you will have to establish your role as pack leader in order to gain control over your dogs behavior. 2. Use positive reinforcement Positive reinforcement is the best way to get your dog to respond. You can ensure dog- training success by rewarding good behavior and ignoring bad behavior. Be careful with using punishment during training as you risk alienating your dog, making him regard you as an adversary. 3. Set realistic goals. How to teach your dog tricks may seem like a long process. Set a goal before beginning trick training to help you set a pace and know what you want to achieve. You will want to keep your goals on a realistic timeline. 4. Timing is everything. Timing during training is essential to catching them in the act of good behavior. Praise your dog or give him a treat the very moment he exhibits the desirable or trick related behavior. This reinforces the idea that he just did something right and he should do it again to get the praise and treat. 5. Be consistent and patient. Stay calm. Getting upset and showing impatience will not help your dog learn faster or better. Allow your dog some time to learn each new command. Be consistent when training and always use the same words, phrases, or hand signals when giving a command. Soon, you will be a master at managing how to teach your dog tricks. Get Started: How to Teach Your Dog Tricks
  3. 3. Shake HandsBegin by facing the dog toward you in a sitting command. Gently lift one paw and hold it while saying the command: Shake. Release the paw and repeat. After each practice command praise your dog and reward with a small, easy to eat treat. Roll OverBegin with your dog lying with belly down and then crouch next to him. Hold a small treat in front of the dogs nose, rotating the treat toward the ground so that your dog follows the treat and leans on its side. Continue this, encouraging the dog to roll completely over by rotating the treat. As soon as your dog makes any attempt to roll, offer praise and reward with treat. Hard tile or wood surfaces may be uncomfortable for your dog, so try this training on carpet or grass. Crawl Begin with your dog lying down facing toward you. Hold a small treat in front of the dogs nose while saying the command: Crawl. As the dog reaches for the treat, hold it slightly further away causing the dog to reach a little more. Offer praise and reward with a treat immediately when your dog makes any effort to crawl. It is possible that your dog will try to stand up and get the treat. If this happens, then give the lie down command and continue training. Spin AroundBegin with your dog standing and facing toward you. Hold a treat in your hand and allow your dog to see it in your hand. While holding the treat in the dogs view, walk him in a circle until he has completed a revolution. While guiding your dog in a circle say the following command: Turn around. After each circle offer praise and reward. Remember these simple steps as you begin the process of training your dog with positive reinforcement and soon you will be showered with love and affection from a happy well- behaved dog. Learning how to teach your dog tricks can be equally rewarding for both owner and pet.