How To Teach A Horse To Lunge

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How To Teach A Horse To Lunge


  • 1. How To Teach A Horse To Lunge Effortlessly

2. Training a horse for a show or simply just for the sake of having well- mannered pets can be very rewarding. Thatsbecause havinganimal companions you can relate to can make your passion for them grow deeper. And theyll be much more fun to show off if so. Horses are intelligent and they can be taught several tricks, even the funny looking ones such as smile, kiss, and bow. But for shows and competitions most horses have to learn how to walk, jump, ride, rear and lunge.Lunging is how a horse is made to go for the lunge line, which is about 30 feet, and he is made to walk around in a circle with the handler in the center. The horse prepares to take more commands from his handler at this point in time. Now how to teach a horse to lunge can be taxing at times. 3. Horses were bound to just walk, and not do something that is likely to get them dizzy. So the handler plays a huge part here.First you stay in a closed fence and prepare a whip to make sure you have full control over the horse. Take the lead rope and hold the horse by the mouth showing him that he has to be ready for a series of commands. Pull the lead rope and lay your hand down moving it forwards as in inviting the horse to walk. When the horse starts walking you have to lead him into a circular motion by also turning while pulling him. Learning how to teach a horse to lunge effortlessly will be easier if you demonstrate the circling with him.Leading him to the lunge line will come next. Its as easy as asking him to 4. walk towards a particular place. Then incorporate the circling once again. Remember to give a treat for every good deed the horse does and accomplishes. Now that you know how to teach a horse to lunge, why not give it a shot on the field?For More Free Information. Please Visit http://


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