How To Take Charge of Decorating Your home For the Holidays

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How to Take Charge of Decorating Your Home For the Holidays

Designer Secrets Revealed!!!!

Good morning

Thank you

My hope is you walk away with at least one golden nugget that helps you.


About Me

Im a left-handed kid who grew up in a right-handed world.frustrating!!

Years ago, I discovered a better way to live. Through INTERIOR DESIGN, I changed my home to meet my needs... and you can do the same with yours! Since each of us is unique, we have individual wants and desires. This is why I specialize in Universal Design, a technique that helps us adapt our homes to fit us personally (instead of the masses). It also allows for Aging in Place (or as I like to call it, Design for Aging). It could have saved my grandmothers life by preventing a devastating fall. I never want to see this happen to another because their home doesnt accommodate their changing needs.

Oh yeahIm a wife, mom and grandmother. Love it.

Who am I?

Jeanette knudsen

Interior designer

My story is:

As a left-handed kid growing-up in a right-handed world, I found it very frustrating and challenging.

In my early twentys, my husband and I bought our first home. Did you know the average American home is built for a man between the ages of 20-40, and is 5-10? Well, that isnt me.

Fast forward, now Im a wife & a mother. Things happen in the home that inspired me to go back to school.

While in school later in my life my parents are dealing with their aging parents. I see there is a huge opportunity here to help others who are facing the same issues.

My grandmother loved her home and didnt want to leave, but her needs were changing.

Thats when I realized I could design beautiful homes that follow a family thru their entire life - whether they are 3 or 103.

Today share with you my designer secrets on how I decorate for the holidays


What Well Cover

Whats your look or style

Get ready, prepare & de-clutter

The magic, design secrets

what's your look or style

Steps to take to get ready

Magic how you can achieve the designer look


Determine Your Style

1st very important step

All about you! What do you: like , want , makes you feel good, achieve

I dont want you to worry about:

not knowing what to do

Where to start or

how to do this

I give you the tools to help you not feel frustrated, insecure or never its going to be good enough

Heres how I want you to take control of decorating your home.

decide what feel and look you want, that will be your style, stay true to it, and it will simplifies the process. Itll give you control.

4 types style





This is NATURALISTIC what you see is what you get, its natural or realistic


Determine Your Style

Stylized take on the shape of a realistic item


Determine Your Style

Via pinterest/Suzanne Dean

Geometric made up of geometric shapes


Determine Your Style

Abstract departs from nature, may or may not be recognizable

So when I talk about style, think about what it is you like, what makes you tick

Teddy bears, reminds you of your childhood

Quilting theme, reminds you of your mom or grandma

Favorite color, like this years purple

Just choose your style

Stick with it

there is no right or wrong.

do what makes you feel good


Get Ready!! Prepare

Next few slides is how I prepare. You dont have to do it this way.

Do it your way and what works best for you. You probably have a better way

Going by what your style is

Determine what you need


Get Ready!! Prepare

Check your current supplies

What do you have on hand

What can you any of it

Again keep your style in mind

Stay focused


Get Ready!! Prepare

Make a list of what you think you need or want

Now go shopping

And have FUN

Remember fun


Get Ready!! De-Clutter

After the sorting and shopping is done

Time to get ready to decorate

Get a box to put your stuff in


Get Ready!! De-Clutter

Lets de-clutter the area or surface youre working in or on

Get rid of your daily knickknacks that are in the way

Put them in the box


Get Ready!! De-Clutter

Lets do some space planning

Got furniture in the way?

Want to put the tree in front of the window

Move the chair into another room

It wont feel so crowded

And safety is important

Gotta have room to circulate in the room

So evaluate your space and check it for safety


The Magic!!

Tools of the Trade



Shape & Mass





Now we come to the magic of taking control of your decorating your home

These are the tools in my tool box

Name them

These are the tools designers use to achieve the look and feel they want

Are you freaking out yet??

Are you wondering how the heck is this going to help me??

Dont worry were not done yet


The Magic!!

The Goal


Scale & Proportion


Focal Point

Contrast & Variety


Next step is checking how well our tools worked in decorating project.

And how you do that is by comparing them to the goals.

So when you put all those tools together you get a decorated space that has:


Scale & proportion


Focal point or emphasis

Contrast & variety


I bet youre say, heya righthows this going to work for me? How am I going to do this?

No worriesIm going to walk you thru three photos,

Family room

A small space

Fireplace mantel

First, well talk about the tools that were used in each space,

Then Ill show you how each of these tools achieve the goal of making the room/space beautiful


Making Magic Happen!

Ready? Here we go

making the magic happen

Ask yourself, is this room beautifully done?

I believe so

So, why does it work?

Lets look for the tools they used.


Making Magic Happen!


Making Magic Happen!


Whats Missing?


Whats Missing?


Whats Missing?


How Can YOU Make Magic Happen??

Determine your STYLE

Pick a space

Use the TOOLS

Check your work against the GOALS

Success? Great!! Notits okay, this is an art and takes time to develop

Just have FUN!!

How can you duplicate this?

determine your style work with something you love

Pick a space

Start small, like a table top or bookshelves

Start pulling all the parts and pieces youve gathered and put them together in an arrangement.

Think about the tools we discussed

Space, line, shape & mass, texture, light, color and pattern

Every item you have has one or more of these tools in it

A good starting point is the focal point

Or maybe creating rhythm with color or shapes

Put something together, then stand back and ask yourself

Just keep asking yourself, does it have a sense of equilibrium or a feeling of comfort? Are the sizes just right, not too big or small? Is there repetition, maybe in color? Whats grabs my attention first? Are the items different & interesting, no matchy matchy? And finally, do all the pieces seem to belong together? These are the goals we talked about.

Just play with it and have fun.



Heres what we covered

What is your style?

Get ready for the fun, prepare & de-clutter

The magic, design secrets revealed

So there you have it.

I truly hope Ive given you something of value. Maybe a golden nugget or two that will help you Take Charge of Decorating Your Home For the Holidays.


Next Step

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BE honest!! Whatever your comment isbe it good, bad, or ugly. Tell me what you thought of the information in this webinar.

Ill announce the lucky winner at 4:00pm MST today.



Jeanette Knudsen

Design For A Life Span , llc




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