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Are you a craftsperson, craft supplier, or artist who is interested in using Etsy as a virtual storefront for your small business? Have you been looking for a one-stop resource that details the most important aspects of how to market your business on Etsy? If so, then this guide to how to be successful on Etsy is for you.


  • 1. How ToBe Successful onOn EtsyThe Ultimate Guide

2. Selling on EtsyIs selling on Etsy a good choice for you and your business?Making sales on Etsy requires consistent effort, so before divingin its important to make sure Etsy is right for you and yourbusiness. 3. Here are the questionsyou should ask yourself1. Do I have the necessary technologicalskills to succeed on Etsy?2. Do my products/handmade items fitEtsys most productive price-point?3. Am I willing to take the time to do allof the preparation, communicating,and packaging/shipping Etsyrequires? 4. 1. Technological SkillIt is absolutely essential to have at least abasic working knowledge concerninguploading/editing photos, receiving/sending emails, and navigating web pagesand drop-down menus. Once you havedecided to take the plunge, be sure tocheck out Etsys Forums andSellers Handbook Blog. 5. 2. Productive Price-PointAlthough there are successful Etsy shopswhose average item sells for $50 or more,the majority of top Etsy sellers have anaverage item price of $50 or below. Infact, out of 15 of the top Etsy sites in2013, 13 had an average price-point of$50 or less. 6. 3. Willing To Take The TimeThe N.Y. Times ran an articlein 2009 featuring interviewswith several full-time Etsysellers who revealed thatbeing a success on Etsycomes with a price. Of thesellers interviewed, noneworked less than 13 hours aday and several reportedworking even longer hours. 7. The 3 MostImportant Steps 8. 1. Creating a ConnectionWith Your ClientPeople buy handmade items becausethey want to invest in someones story.They could get a commercial mug thatis just as useful for $5 at any chainstore. But that mug would not have astory or face behind it. Tell your story,make a connection, and Etsy customerswill respond. 9. Your About SectionYour about section is oneof the main ways a customergets to know you. A well-developedabout sectionshould give the customer awindow into who you are, notjust what you do. 10. Be Personal In Your Customer InteractionsCustomer service is important for many reasons. Here, I just wanted to addthat messages, shipping updates, etc. can be a great opportunity to developa deeper connection with your customers. Instead of simply answeringquestions, tell them about yourself as well. 11. Taking DroolworthyPhotos: Pro vs. DIY 12. High-Quality PhotographsWhen Etsy asked 5 full-time Etsy sellers for their top 10 marketing tips,Make Your Photos Drool-Worthy topped the list. This advice is notsurprising. Photographs are one of the only ways a potential customer hasto gauge the quality of your products. 13. Use Your Pictures ToHighlight Your Brand/StyleWhen deciding how to photograph your product, think of the picture as a toolby which to highlight your brand/style. If your about section paints you asedgy, make sure your picture does as well. The goal is to convey a consistentmessage throughout your shop. 14. Do-It-YourselfIf you choose to take photographs yourself, expect an initial trial-and-errorperiod. Good pictures take work. However, if you have the time,taking the photos yourself can allow for much more flexibility andexperimentation. If you do not like the lighting, you can tweak it. 15. CostIf purchasing equipment totake high-quality picturesyourself, expect to spend aminimum of $200 for a point-and-shoot setup, to around$600-$1000 plus forhigher-end DSLR setups. 16. Hiring A ProfessionalHiring a professional ensures high-quality photographs of your work.With professional lighting equipment and a studio setting, your photoswill look great and be consistent from batch to batch.Hiring a professional frees you upto focus on otheraspects of yourbusiness such asproduction andsales. 17. Costs & ResourcesProfessional photographer costs can vary significantly,from around $7-$10 a shot in areas with a higherliving wage, to $2-5 a shot elsewhere.!If you need a crash course, Fanchimp Blog hasa great piece on hiring professional photographerswhich can be found here. 18. Get Your Products SeenWith The Right Item Descriptions and Tags 19. Item DescriptionsYour item description is the place where you verbally engage potentialcustomers. Approach your descriptions as informative conversation. Youwant to provide basic information, while at the same time maintaining anengaging and interesting tone. 20. Provide Specific InformationCustomers want to know what size of product they are purchasing.Pictures can often be deceiving in scale. For this reason, it is important toinclude basic information such as height, width, length, holding capacityetc . . . in your posts. 21. Demonstrate your products versatilityMost items have some obvious use or function attached to them. However,many items have multiple uses, many of which your potential buyer maynot think of without your guidance. The more things your item can be usedfor, the more perceived value it holds in the mind of a customer. 22. Tagging Items EffectivelyEtsys search system used to feature those items related to the searchkeywords that had been most recently added. However, Etsy has nowswitched their system to highlight items which are most relevant to thekeywords or phrases searched, regardless of how recently they have beenposted. 23. What this meansIs that the days of posting/relisting items inorder to appear higher in Etsy search are nomore. Instead, it is more important than everto have item tags that relate to what buyersare searching for. 24. Repeat keywords in your item titleto increase SEO potentialThe more a word is repeated in your listing, the more chance someonesearching that word on Etsy will end up at your page. Etsy pages also showup in good searches. For instance, if my item title is Stoneware Mug withRueger Potterys Variegated Blue Glaze, I might want to include tags suchas Stoneware Mug, Blue Mug, Blue Stoneware Mug, etc . . . 25. Generating 5 Star ReviewsFor Your Etsy Product Pages 26. Now that you have built your brand and presentedyour product at its bestIt is time to focus on customer satisfaction and service. The truth is, positivereviews drive sales. You may have a compelling brand and great productpresentation, but if your customer is unsatisfied with your communication orfeels that you are being insensitive to their needs, they will rarely leave apositive review, recommend you to others, or buy from you again. 27. Prompt, Polite, andEngaging CommunicationCustomers are going to send you messageswith various questions, offers, and requests.It is important, whenever possible, torespond to these messages within onebusiness day or less. This promptnessconveys a sense of professionalism and alsoassures the customer that you value theirtime and potential business. 28. There will inevitably becustomers that aredemanding or rude.It just comes with the territory.However, responding in kind is neverhelpful. Instead, assure them that youare doing your best to make theirexperience positive. Be polite, even ifyou have to refuse a request or sayno to some custom order. 29. Following Up with CustomersA completed and shipped sale doesnot necessarily mean your job isdone. Following up with customerscan be a good way to stayconnected and receive somevaluable feedback. Several daysafter I know my product shouldhave arrived. 30. If a customer is satisfied with yourproduct and serviceYou may ask them if they are willing to submit a shop review for theirtransaction. Etsy sends messages to remind buyers to leave feedback, butoften for me, it is the personal interaction which actually prompts the buyerto follow through and submit a review. However, it is important not to comeacross as pushy. 31. Join The Community:www.FitSmallBusiness.comClick here to tweet thispresentation.See the full article here