How to Successfully Maintain Your ATV

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<ol><li> 1. How to Successfully Maintain Your ATV </li><li> 2. Maintenance is extremely crucial for any vehicle to ensure proper functioning, and this includes ATVs. When riding season approaches, there are some maintenance aspects that are essential to perform. These things are sometimes forgotten, but are very simple and can really enhance your riding experience. Keeping up with care is the key to extending the life of any vehicle and can allow you to get the most out of it. Below are some ATV maintenance tips and things you should pay attention to before hitting the road. One part of your ATV that you should take a look at is its air cleaner. Good air cleaner care is essential for any off-road vehicle. If your cleaner is worn out, soaked with water or dirty, it will be much easier for things like mud, dirt and dust to enter and get to your engine. </li><li> 3. There are several issues that can be avoided with proper air cleaner care, and they may include spark plug problems, premature engine wear, engine damage, bad gas mileage and low engine power. If you plan on riding frequently in especially dusty or wet areas, you should maintain your air cleaner more often. Spark plugs are also important to maintain. You may need a new one depending on how often you use your ATV or how much fuel you put in the tank. If you are using gasoline of poor quality, your spark plugs ability may be compromised. When getting a new one, remember to ensure it is of high quality and that you are using the correct spark plug that is within the recommended heat range for the model you have. </li><li> 4. Some people change this part twice per year to ensure optimal performance. Oil should additionally be maintained properly. To extend your engines life, you should use the correct oil and filter and check and change the oil when it is needed. Choose a quality oil, but know that even the best oils out there will eventually wear out. An oil change is essential for getting rid of dirt in the engine. If your oil is dirty or old, you risk damaging your engine. If the oil that you are using is inadequate, both your engine and transmission may become damaged. If you plan on riding on dusty roads, you should change your oil more frequently. Also, if you plan on doing your oil change yourself, make sure you stick to manufacture recommendations. </li><li> 5. This will ensure everything is done properly. Visit this website for more information about ATV batteries in Carlsbad. </li></ol>