how to succeed in mrs. benjamin's english class without really trying

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What you need to know to do well in my English class at Parkview H.S., Lilburn, GA.


  • 1. Welcome to Mrs. Benjamins English Class 2014-2015 Parkview High School

2. Welcome to Mrs. Benjamins Class! Supplies Needed Everyday: Pen Binder with Paper Beneficial: Hi-lighter Colored pens/pencils Note Cards 3. Books to purchase Books to buy (if possible) Assigned novels Improve learning by yes, Im serious writing in the books Semester 1: The Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles, translated by Fitts and Fitzgerald Lord of the Flies by William Golding Semester 2: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen 4. Requested Classroom Donations Kleenex Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant Wipes Yuck. Nuff said. 5. By the Numbers Grade Percentage Breakdown: Classwork ( Homework, Quizzes): 35% Interim Tests: 2% Summative (Tests, Essays, Projects): 43% Final Exam: 20% Late Policy Reminder Day 1 = -10 points Day 2 = - 20 points Day 3 = - 30 points Day 4 = - 40 points Day 5 = - 50 points Day 6+ = Assignments not accepted Major projects must be turned in on the due date even if you are absent! 6. Rule # 1: Come to class prepared. 7. Rule #2: 8. Rule #3: 9. Rule #4: Sidebar conversations? 10. Rule #5: Theres no such thing as a dumb question! 11. Rule #6: What about electronic devices? 12. Rule #7: Put your name and class period on every assignment. 13. Rule #8: Keep track of assignment deadlines! 14. Rule #9: Stay in your seats until youre dismissed. 15. Todd Martin