How To Stay Fit At A Desk Job

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  1. 1. HOW TO STAY FIT AT A DESK JOB Find us at: 1. Take Mini-Breaks Every hour (or even half hour) take a short break of about 2 minutes to get up, stretch and walk around the office. It's super important to avoid sitting down the whole day. 2. Walk, Walk, Walk Park further from the office entrance; take the stairs, walk during your lunch break....Any or all of these options will force you to walk more during the work day and get in some exercise whenever you can. Even walking to a coworker's office rather than picking up the phone to call them is a good idea! 3. Don't Skip Breakfast Eat a nice healthy breakfast in the morning to boost your metabolism and fill you up so you won't be craving fatty foods and junk later in the day. 4. Drink Water Instead of drinking fruit juices or sodas throughout your day, try sticking to water. Water will keep you hydrated and make you feel full (so you don't indulge on snacks). 5. Pack Your Lunch By packing your own lunch during your work week, you will save on costs as well as cut down on calories. You can prepare a healthy lunch and snacks the night before. Try to avoid the vending machine and stick to the snacks you bring in your lunch box!