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  • How to start online business from home

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    Ram Rad

    November 29, 2013 By Ram Rad

    HOW TO START ONLINE BUSINESS FROM HOMESo you are sitting indoors thinking about how to start onlinebusiness from home.

    This post can specially benefit you if:

    you are a stay at home parent

    you have introvert personality

    you have anxiety being in public

    you want more free time to enjoy yourself

    Great, so lets start. Im going to break down the how tostart online business from home into 4 simple steps whichare as below:

    How To Start Online Business From Home:

    1. Make your own blog & provide good content

    2. Make a lead capture page

    3. Set up an email autoresponder service

    4. Have products and (or) services to sell

    Ok, now lets discuss these 4 steps briefly and in simple terms.

    1. Make your own BLOG & provide good content:

    Why your own blog you may be asking? This is an essential step towards your how to start online business fromhome because blog is where you create content and provide value to online users and through this you generatetraffic to your website (or blog) and each visitor could be a potential customer.

    Let me give you an example. Let say you are selling fitness protein supplements. You can provide somecontent about the fitness protein supplements that could provide value to the users that visit your blog. Then withinyour blog content you could promote your products and explain the advantages of those supplements.

    There are lots of ways to promote yours or others products through blogging which Im going to talk about more inthe last step (step 4).

    If you are a beginner and would like to learn more about online business then I would suggest that you click hereand sign up for a free Video Series called How To Start A Profitable Online Business Starting From Scratch! Ipersonally myself benefited a lot from this video series when I started blogging and it gave me an overview of what


  • online business is and how to start it.


    Lead capture page (sometimes known as landing page) is simply a page that appears when your blog or site visitorsclick on a link or an advertisement that you have provided within your content. Normally the main goal of the leadcapture page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads.

    To obtain a lead, the page will usually contain an area (or a box) that requires visitors name and email address foroffers such as free reports, videos, trainings, samples etc.

    To make a sale, the lead capture page will usually have a link for the visitor to click and take them to the shoppingcart (checkout).

    You could Create your free lead capture page(s) here. I use this website myself and its relatively easy to use, itsactually a lot of fun

    3. Set up an EMAIL AUTORESPONDER service

    As the name suggests an autoresponder is a service that automatically sends emails on your behalf to yourleads once you have your leads email addresses. This service is great as you do the job once and the system sendsthe emails for you day and night without you being worried about it and it also saves a lot of time.

    Different emails could be sent to different lists of emails that you have created and these emails can provide value,offer products and services and anything else that you would like to share with your list to build a good relationship.

    There are different providers of email autoresponder services out there but I use AWeber myself and never had anyproblems with it.

    4. Have PRODUCTS and (or) SERVICES to sell

    The final step towards your how to start online business from home is to have products and (or) services to sell.Ideally you would want to look for a multiple Income Streams and create something that is called sales funnel.Basically you find products and services in different price range from low to high and introduce them to your leads(visitors). You could sell somebody elses products or you could have your products as well as others productsmixed together to make this funnel.

    Normally a sale funnel has 3 different items (it could be more or less as well) as below:

    Residual income (or low ticket) products such as gym subscriptions and basic memberships.

    Mid ticket (or now money) products which cost normally between 100 to 400 dollars like softwares,downloads, tutorials etc.

    High ticket (HT) products that give you a commission of 1000 dollars or more.

    To learn more about this click here to see a great video full of content from my mentor Stuart thats called: Earningmultiple income streams.

    Thats it ladies and gents for how to start online business from home, I hope this post was helpful and I wouldlike to wish you the best of luck with your online business journey.

    Please fell free to leave comments, also ask me any questions. It would be my absolute pleasure to be of any help.2/3

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