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Tutorial about how to split pdf into individual files. Very useful and clear.


  • 1. How to Split PDF into Individual Files? Nowadays, PDF becomes one of the most popular file formats worldwide. Compared with other file formats, PDF files have a variety of features like security, compact size, accessibility, and usage restrictions. However, have you experienced that you need to extract some desired pages out of a multi-page PDF files and save them as a new PDF file? Or you need to separate a large PDF into individual files smaller? Definitely you can turn to PDF editors to edit your PDF file but most of them are expensive and complicated to use. So, here will show you a PDF splitter with a quite easy-to-use interface to split PDF into individual files. Download the AnyBizSoft PDF Splitter firstly. Double click the .exe to install the tool. AnyBizSoft PDF Splitter is a standalone program that does not require Adobe Reader installed in your computer. Then launch PDF splitter and you will see the interface as presented below. Step1. Import the PDF file AnyBizSoft PDF Splitter Supports converting PDF files encrypted by Owner Password directly. As for the PDF files with User Password, you just need to enter the password and process without any questions. Step2. Select one of the split methods AnyBizSoft PDF Splitter supports 5 efficient and flexible Split modes, you can select your desired one. 1.Split by every n pages: You can set on how many pages per PDF file after splitting. 2.Split by bookmarks: You can split PDF files by bookmarks. You can flexibly choose the split level and customize the settings to split PDF files more efficiently. 3.Split by page ranges: You can flexibly choose the specific pages you want to extract from the multi-page PDF file and combine them into a new PDF file. 4.Split by specific page ranges to multiple PDF files: You can extract specific page ranges from one PDF file to generate multiple PDF files at one time. Click New in the Custom Settings, you can add up to 200 copies of the multi-page PDF file to the panel to customize the specific page ranges separately. 5.Split averagely into n PDF files: You can split a multi-page PDF file averagely into n PDF files. Step3. Start Split With above three simple steps, you can split PDF into individual files, which are smaller or more
  • 2. suitable for your special requirements. Sounds amazing, right? Just go and get one of yourself and try it.


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