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How Much Sleep Did You Get Last night

How Much Sleep Did You Get Last night

You Are Not Alone Almost half the people youll run into today are suffering from some level of sleep deprivation.

You Have So Many Thoughts.

But Do You Know?Missing sleep worsens your mood, weakens your memory, harms your decision-making all day long.Coffee is Not The Solution!!!It elevates your stress leveland Puts you on edge, damaging your ability to connect with others. Constrainscreative thinking.

We All Know These.But Why Cant We Go To Bed Early?We are Busy all the day. We only have the night to ourselves only. Why not enjoy a bit more?

We have lesswillpower when were tired, which makes it tougher to force ourselves into bed.So, How Can We?

Work BackwardsIf youd like to be up by 6:45am, aim to be under the covers no later than 10:45pm.

Do A Night-time AuditCut down all unproductive things. Because they are just COSTS to your sleep.

But There Are Always Temptations

Establish A RitualRead something that makes you happy

Establish A RitualLower the temperature.

Establish A RitualAvoid blue light.

Establish A RitualCreate a spa-like environment.

Establish A RitualHandwrite a note.

Establish A RitualMeditate.

Establish A RitualTake a quiet walk.

Always RememberOn days when we flourish, the seed has almost always been planted the night before.

Prepared By Nazmus Saadat

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