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  • 1. Rubiks Cu beHow to Solve a

2. Table of ContentsIntroduction3Notations.4Step 1: Solve Cross5,6,7,8Step 2: Solve Corners9,10Step 3: Solve Row 2 Corner Pieces..11,12Step 4: Solve Cross.13Step 5: Solve Top Row Center Block..14Step 6: Solve Corners.15,16 3. Introduction Basic Historyhe infamous Rubiks Cube has been puzzling the minds of millionssince its creation in 1974. The originally dubbed Magic Cube, wasinvented by a Hungarian Sculptor and professor of architectureErno Rubik. The toy was licensed by Rubik, and sold by Ideal ToyCorp in 1980, and won the German Game of the Year for the BestPuzzle of the year. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes havebeen sold worldwide. Objectivehe goal of this instruction manual is to provide the basic tutorialon how to properly solve the Rubiks Cube. While you may notsolve the puzzle as quickly as Feliks Zemdegs of Australia (recordof 6.63 seconds), you will undoubtedly solve this daunting taskand have superior bragging rights over others.WARNING olving the Rubiks Cube will undeniably cause stress to the individual completing the task. This high level of stress may cause person to sweat profusely, mutter under their breath, swear uncontrollably, and/or throw the Cube or other foreign (possibly larger) objects across the room. Fear not, this is all apart of the fun in the game. 4. NotationsThere are 6 colors represented on the Rubiks cube (one color per face side)Terminology Column 1 Column 2Column 3Block: an individual cube/peg on the Rubiks CubeRows: Horizontal (3 blocks across) Row 1Columns: Vertical (3 blocks up & down)Side: 3x3 blocks of the Rubiks Cube Row 2SidesFront:: side facing you Left: face front, side to the leftUp: top sideRight: face front, side to the right Row 3Down: bottom side Back: side opposite of face Rotation Methods F= Front Fi=Front inverted U= UpUi= Up inverted D= DownAll Done Clockwise (CW) All Done Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Di= Down inverted L= LeftLi= Left inverted R= Right Ri= Right inverted Simplify Rotation Methods (if looking at cube from face side)F: twist right-CWL: twist towards youFi: twist left-CCWLi: twist away from youU: twist right R: twist away from youUi: twist leftRi: twist towards youD: twist right Di: twist left 5. Step 1Identify starting point: for simplicity sake, start on Green Side (Up Side) DONT KNOW HOW TO TELL WHICH SIDE IS WHICH?> The center block is key. This block never moves Solve for Green Cross The areas circled in yellow all make up the green cross. These green pieces must be found first in order to com- plete the rest of this side. (image 1) 1. Search for green pieces elsewhere on the Rubiks Cu-be. Since these pieces are all middle blocks they willbe in the same position (either middle block of a row orcolumn) on another side of the Rubiks Cube. In image 2, the down side is portrayed with a green block in the right position. As noted, the red part of this particular block is shown. It is essential to note the other colors shown on that particular block because these need to line up with its colored face side as well. The next step is shown in image 3, by rotating the Down Side until the red blocks line up. Last, rotate this Top Side (Red Side) clockwise twice so the green/red block matches up with green face. (image 4) 6. Step 1Continued...2. Locate the second green piece of the cross This green piece is found on the Down Side of the Rubiks Cube .Note the white face of this block is also showing. (Image 5) Rotate the Down side to the White face of the Rubiks Cube.(Image 6) Rotate the white face side (front side) clockwise until green blockmatches up with green face side (up side). (Image 7) Image 7 also depicts our starting point for our next step in solvingour 3rd block of the green cross. 7. Step 1Continued...3. Locate the third green piece. (Image 7/8) Rotate Front Side counter clockwise so green block is in the Row3. (Image 9) Rotate Down Side right so green/yellow block is on the yellowface side. (Image 10) Rotate front side (yellow side) clockwise twice so green block nt fromatches up with green face side. When this occurs and the green/yellow block are in the right po-sition but inverted (instead of green, green, yellow, yellow, wesee green, yellow, green, yellow) we must perform our first algo-rithm. This step is repeated as many times as needed to get theblock in the right positionfron t Fi U Li Ui Front inverted. Up. Left inverted. Up inverted Here we get our desired result of our green/yellowblock in the correct orientation.Algorithms used in this step:Fi U Li Ui 8. Step 1 Continued...2. Locate the fourth and final cross piece (Image 12) As shown in image 12 the last green block is located on the downside of the Rubiks Cube. Also, note that orange is visible , yet al-ready on the orange face side. Rotate Front Side (orange face side) clockwise until orange/greenblock lines up with green face side. Again, use the algorithm demonstrated on page 7 Fi U Li Ui Front inverted. Up. Left inverted. Up invertedNote: Remember that the Rubiks Cubehas over 43 quintillion possible combina-tions. This in mind, your Rubiks Cube Here we have the final result of Step 1may not start in the same orientation asthe one generated in this manual. How-ever, the basic rules remain:1. line up your colored cube in the bottom row of its desired location and in the same face as the other color shown on that particular block.2. If block is inverted when transferringAlgorithms used in this step: to its proper location use the algo- rithm shown in this step to correct.Fi U Li Ui 9. Step 2 Solve Four Corners1. Locate first green color corner block (Image 1) Similar to step 1, line the block in the 3rd (bottom) row underthe desired position. Pay attention to the colors on the particu-lar block shown: the white and red faces of this block are alsoshowing. Rotate Down Side clockwise so block indicated is on the white/red corner. (Image 2) NOTE: the white face of the block does not need to be on thewhite side just like the red face of the block does not need to beon the red side. Let Red Face side be Front Side. Use the Algorithm:Ri Di R D Right inverted. Down inverted. Right. Down. Repeat this algorithm as many times as needed to get thegreen/red/white block up to the green face side (up side).(Image 3) Algorithms used in this step: Ri Di R D 10. Step 2Continued...2. Locate the second corner block (Image 4) Here the red and yellow faces of the block are visible. Rotate the Down Side clockwise so the block indicated is on thered/yellow corner. (Again, it is okay if the colors are inverted.) Repeat algorithm shown on page 9 (refer to bottom right corner ofpage). Image 5 shows final position for the green, yellow, red block aswell as starting position for the third corner block3. Locate the third corner block (Image 5) Rotate to the yellow/orange corner Repeat algorithm4. Locate fourth and final corner block (Image 6) Rotate to white/orange corner Repeat algorithm5. Green face complete! (Image 7)But, if done correctly, the first row of all surround sides [except downside/blue side) and middle block will be solved as well.Algorithms used in this step: Ri Di R D 11. Step 3Flip Rubiks Cube over so solved side( Green Side) is down -Blue Side upSolve Row 2 Corner Pieces1. Look for one of the 4 pieces (highlighted in image 1) that does not have blue in it on both top and side levels.Image 2 shows the only block of these 4 (shown in image 1) that does not have any blue in any of its shown faces.2. Rotate Up Side counter clockwise so yellow face of the red/yellow block lines up with the yellow face side . The Yellow Side isnow Front Side. (Image 3)As noted before, the red face of this block is on the Up Side.The goal is to move this block, so its red face is on the Red Side of the Rubiks Cube. (Red Side is to the Left of the Yellow Side)To do this, use the algorithm below to move the block to the left Ui Li U L U F Ui FiUp inverted. Left inverted. Up. Left. Up. Front. Up inverted. Front invertedImage 4 shows the red/yellow block in its correct orientationAlgorithms used in this step:Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi 12. Step 3 Continued...1. Refer to the 4 top pieces again. (Image 5) As shown in image 5 there is only one block that does not containblue. As shown in image 6, both the orange and yellow face of this blockare visible.2. Rotate Up Side clockwise twice so the yellow face of the blockmatches up with the Yellow Side of the Rubiks Cube. (Image 7) From image 7, it is also noticeable that the Orange Side of the Ru-biks Cube is to the right of the Yellow Side. Make Yellow SideFront Side3. To get this block to its yellow/orange row 2 corner the followingalgorithm must be used.U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F Up. Right. Up inverted. Right inverted. Up inverted. Front inverted. Up. FrontNOTE: This algorithm to move block to the right is the opposite of how to move a block to the left. Repeat these steps for the remaining 2 corner blocks. Rememberthere are 2 different algorithms used to move the block to eitherthe right or left.If done correctly row 2 and 3 should be completed on all 4 sides Algorithms used in this step: U R Ui R Ui Fi U F 13. Step 4Solve Blue Cross1. Once you have solved the first two layers (Row 2 and 3), youre going to have one of four different positions on the top Blue Side. Option 1: center blue dot (Image 1) Option 2: an L (Image 2) Option 3: center line (Image 3) Option 4: the cross (Image 4)Note: if this is present, skip to next stepThe goal is to solve this blue cross2. Looking at this particular Rubiks Cube, Option 3 is represented(central line). Turn it so the line is horizontal. Let Red Side be Front Side,Blue Side be Up Side. (Image 4)3. Use the algorithm to complete this step:F R U Ri Ui FiFront. Right. Up. Right Inverted. Up Inverted. Front Inverted.If Option 1 and 2 are present, repeat this stepAlgorithms used in this step:F R U Ri Ui Fi 14. Step 5Solve for Top Row , Center BlockNote