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Easy steps to get your business off the ground.


1. How To Run A Profitable Business Online By: Nina Mesina[email_address] 2. How To Run A Profitable Business Online Service or Product 3. Most Important Thing About Having A Business Making a Profit Impeccable Service Ethical Practice If you have a product or service and you can sell it and make a profit, then youve got a business! 4. 8 MythsAbout Starting A Business Myth 1 - You need to be extraordinary Myth 2 - Involves lots of risk - One shot deal Myth 3 - You need lots of money Myth 4 - You need lots of experience Myth 5 - The best business ideas are taken Myth 6 - Cant compete against big box retailers Myth 7 - Cant get a new business noticed Myth 8 - Difficult and stressful to grow 5. 9 ReasonsYou Should Be Online 1. Cheap 2. Fast 3. Easy Updates 4. No Printing and No Mailing Costs 5. Cut Staffing Costs 6. Open 24 hrs 7. National & Global Audience 8. No Store Front 9. It's Easy to Get Your Message Out 6. Create A Business Plan Does not need to be fancy or complicated 7. Forming A Business Business License - Contact City Hall Allows you to conduct business legally DBA (doing business as) - Contact County Clerks Office Have a professional image and operate and advertise under your own business Publish DBA - Small Local Newspaper Put others on notice that your business exists and they should not conduct business using a similar nameSellers Permit - If Engaging in Retail SalesRegister by contacting the Board of Equalization Allows you to collect taxes from customers, which you in turn pay to the state Federal Tax ID# (EIN) - Used to Identify Business Entity Apply Free service by IRS 8. Forming A Business Bank Account - Get Checking Account and Debit card Important step for creating business identity Create a Free website - To Get Business Noticed Go towww.webs.comfollow easy step by step instructions Create Free Email Account - Gmail or Yahoo Allows customers to contact you Create Paypal Account - To Accept Payments via Credit Card Link Paypal account to bank One click can deposit funds from Paypal account into your bank accountCreate Shipping Account - To ship your orders and track them online go They provide packaging and will pick up packages from you for free 9. Know Your Target Market Who are they? Where are they? How old are they? What do they want?Why would they buy your product? This is the group you want to sell your product or service to specifically Be specific - zero in on who your real customers are or could be.This will save you time and money in future marketing efforts. 10. Marketing Plan Create a Company Slogan -Create Free Business Cards - Go Include your name, business name, website, slogan, & email Join Social Networking Sites - Spreads the word about your business Create a Blog - Keep Everyone Informed About Your Business Start a blog about your business Participate in Blogs - Free Publicity Participate in blogs that relate to your business (be proactive).Go to the about page or contact page of that blog and email them about your business.Ask if theyll mention your website on their blog. Marketing is everything you do to get your product or service in the hands of potential customers! 11. Marketing Plan Create Articles About Your Business Online - Exposure Go drive traffic to your website Create Account on - Free Interactive Membership Site Ning is like facebook except you get to create it for yourself and your business and its easy to find for people who are interested in what you Post on - Free Advertising Create a Youtube Account Upload videos talking about your businessInvite customers to give video testimonials Create a Twitter Account Talk about the latest news with your business List Your Business on Local Search Engines - Free Service Yahoo local, Google local,,,, 12. Customer Service Build a reputation for impeccable service Respond to emails immediately Process orders immediately Make good on your word Word of mouth is still the cheapest form of advertising 13. 8 ThingsYou Can Do Now!!! Pick out a name from your business Create a free website Create email accountStart Facebook, Twitter Start blogging about your businessCreate buzz on & Create account on Create free business listings: Yahoo Local, Google Local,, 14. How To Run A Profitable Business Online By: Nina Mesina[email_address]