How To Remedy A Pst File Corrupt Scenario In Microsoft Outlook

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<ul><li><p>How to Remedy a PST File Corrupt Scenario in Microsoft OutlookWritten by: Damon Daleny</p><p>If you normally use Microsoft Outlook as your default email client, you will normally encounter PST files. These files are your Personal Storage Table that stores all the data related to your emails, tasks, calendar entries, contacts, journals, and other important information that is useful for organizing your life. Once your MS Outlook starts popping out error messages, you can be sure that you have a PST file corrupt situation.</p><p>While your MS Outlook PST Files are saved in your hard drive, they are also delivered or stored via your server. You will usually find these PST files under the filenames of Outlook.pst or Archive.pst. Once these files become damaged, you can repair these corrupt PST files pretty quickly. MS Office provides an Inbox Repair Tool that can help you repair these corrupted files and recover any lost data. </p><p>The Inbox Repair Tool is an executable utility that goes by the filename Scanpst.exe. Before you attempt to repair the PST file corrupt damage, make sure the MS Outlook program is not running. Locate the damaged file and run Scanpst.exe on it. You can also use the file repair tool to scan for errors and report them for Scanpst.exe to fix.</p><p>However, you can also opt for third party PST repair software applications when the damage is too massive for the Inbox Repair Tool to fix. There are a number of these software applications that you can utilize to fix a PST file corrupt situation, especially in cases where your PST file exceeds the required size limit of 2GB.</p><p>*****</p><p></p></li></ul>