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PDF recovery tool recovers the lost, deleted or corrupted PDF files.


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2. PDF Pdf is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format which is the most popular format for writing documents. Pdf files are mostly used to write magazine pages, flyers etc. this file preserve all the fonts, formatting, graphics and color of any source documents, regardless of the application used to create it. So, it has become a common way of document writing in our daily works and users usually stores lot of important documents in form of pdf file. If accidently they lose their files, it can be a great headache for them. Visit website- 3. Reasons for deletion or loss of pdf files Human error is the most common reasons for the loss of file Virus attack in the system also leads to pdf file corruption Pdf file is also lost during repartitioning of drives Accidental formatting results in loss of pdf file Crash in operating system also causes file loss Reinstallation of OS results in data loss including loss of pdf fileVisit website- 4. Preventive measures Always keep a back up file for all the important data in your system Use a good anti-virus to atop the virus attack Before deleting for unwanted file, cross check the file for confirmation Whenever you lose any data, immediately stop your work on PC to avoid any over-writing Its better to keep your important files as read only files, so that it cannot be deleted or modifiedVisit website- 5. PDF RECOVERY TOOL If accidently they lose their files, it can be a great headache for them. Even you take lot of preventive measures to keep your data safe, a day may come when have to face the situation of data loss. That time you will need a good pdf file recovery tool to recover pdf files. You can use pdf recovery tool to recover back all your lost data.Visit website- 6. Features of Pdf recovery tool It recovers deleted pdf file It recovers corrupt pdf file Pdf file can also be recovered from external drive using pdf recovery tool It allows you to scan for the pdf file User friendly is the trait of this tool It saves the recovered pdf file in various output version like PDF 1.3, PDF 1.5 etcVisit website-